Rise in dishonesty signals looming 'integrity crisis' in Britain

Rise in dishonesty signals looming ‘integrity crisis’ in Britain
British people have become less honest in the last decade, according to a study suggesting moral decline.
Lying, adultery, drug taking, breaking the speed limit, drink-driving, and handling stolen goods are all seen as more acceptable than they were at the turn of the century, it suggests.

Sauce: telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/9037421/Rise-in-dishonesty-signals-looming-integrity-crisis-in-Britain.html

With decline in Christianity, goes decline in morality. Who’d have thought…? :confused:

I prefer tomato to the telegraph.

A real shocker, isn’t it?

Sounds like it’s the same way here in Canada too. So it’s not just here.

Nothing that can’t be fixed by establishing a Truth and Integrity committee, and by teaching “Values” (non-partisan) in high school!

Nothing like the Marxist Guardian though :slight_smile:

and the ancient moniker of Perfidious Albion lives on…sad really. A study needs to be done here in America on how dishonest we are, with ourselves and others.

Or the racist, sexist Daily Mail. :cool:

Daily Mail is my favourite. Especially all those Hollywood Celebrity ads. Seriously I don’t know why so many right conservative blogs/sites link to Daily Mail. It’s a tabloid. But then the Guardian is just Marxist drivel. All those guys should have just moved to the Soviet Union the the 20s.

Marxism as an ideology has murdered millions though. It was also sexist at times. Believe me the Comrades first secretaries were all male and most were womanisers. OK rest is off topic.

Marxism however, has never truly existed in the real world. No political system has stayed true, all have become corrupt.

Best paper for Gaga sightings!


Don’t speak her name! Refer to her as “She Who Must Not be named Madonna2”

When I was in the hospital last month the my Nurses found out i was a gaga fan and you could see them whispering about it in the halls. I guess 59 year old gaga fans are a rarity!

No news here. There’s been an “integrity crisis” in humanity since the Garden of Eden.

THANK you!!
Whenever I see these stories I roll my eyes.

Btw, for all our UK news I suggest The Sun – they don’t bother with any stories about declining integrity bbut they do have a cool item about the Queen and Mike Tyson having a pigeon race.

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