Rising concerns about Gardasil


Just don’t mandate it, and I am fine. But I feel very badly for those whose children are suffering serious health problems, as well as for those whose daughters have died. They thought they were doing something good.:frowning:

For those who don’t want to watch the video, here is a written version of the CBS news story.

The report in question was issued by an anti-immunization organization which is opposed to most, if not all, vaccinations.

Here is the report for those who want to read it:

It doesn’t explain why the organization decided to compare Gardasil with Menactra. I suspect they are cherry-picking statistics to make Gardasil look bad. The fact that CBS reported this story in February and no other news agency picked up on it doesn’t bolster the credibility of this comparison.

This is pretty old news, but there have been very adverse reactions with Gardasil, but also with all vaccines.

Here’s some facts you probably don’t know:

-the Gardasil vaccine was “fast tracked”, which means the pharmaceutical company pays more money so the FDA and appropriate health agencies research it earlier than normal so they can get it out on the market quicker

-the group Women in Government lobbied greatly for the mandate of this in all girls under a certain age in Texas. Women in Government received money from the makers of the vaccine.

-Gardasil is NOT a cervical cancer vaccine. It is a HPV vaccine, and only of a few strains. There are hundreds of strains of HPV, some can cause cervical cancer, others are harmless. Gardasil prevents against the ones that are linked to 70% of cervical cancer cases. Women get different strains of HPV and shed them all the time, including the dangerous ones.

-there is concern that with widespread implementation, the strains NOT prevented by the vaccine will increase

-I believe in the US only 5000 women a year die from cervical cancer. It is a much much greater threat in developing countries, without access to gynecological care.

-Condoms don’t totally protect against HPV

Correct me if I’m wrong on any of these, but my wife is in an industry closely related to this stuff, and she is deathly opposed to it.

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