Risking to be seen

Soooo… I had a situation where I wasn’t sure but I took the risk.:wink:
Not planning to fret over this much but I am still curious what others think…

Would you say it is a sin to take a remote risk to be seen… emm— without clothing?

(that is, running down a small shared hallway withoput anything on because of having forgotten to take a towel to the shower… but I would have heard the (male) roommate/neighbor starting to open his door, so the risk that he would have opened it so fast and seen me before I reached my room… was almost zero.)

The alternative would have been to put on somthing while still all wet, or put on dirty clothes again… which well… I didn’t want to.

Just asking, maybe for future reference…

The OP asks** : “Would you say it is a sin to take a remote risk to be seen… emm— without clothing?”**


Would you consider it a Sin?

I think rather not, but I wasn’t sure.

Human nature, but mostly male… like the thrill of being seen…
it can get you into a lot of drama…if it’s the WRONG people seeing you…
Gossip, some form of black mail… pictures on the net going viral…
Public Embarrassment…Would it be a sin…doubt it,
best be safe… take a towel

Or you could just put on the wet clothes take them off and put on dry ones in your room???
What if you are seen by a man?? This advice on catholic answers sometimes is horrible you should look no further than to St. Gemma Galgani:

To begin with, the spinal tuberculosis and accompanying spinal tumors were diagnosed late because Gemma experienced a feeling of extreme repugnance at the very idea of medical examinations. She mentions these details herself in her Autobiography “Already for a long time I had felt pain in that part, but I did not want to touch it or look at it, because when I was a little child I had heard in a sermon that our bodies were the temples of the Holy Ghost. These words impressed me, and so far as I have been able I have carefully guarded my body. What agony I suffered when I had to submit to a medical examination. Every time I heard the doctor coming I used to cry."

To be honest I would speak with your spiritual adviser. While I don’t believe you’ve committed a mortal sin; I also don’t believe I have the answers. You did have other options which you were aware of but decided to neglect for the sake of your own convenience and comfort. I don’t think you did this with any intent to be malicious or perverse, so I think you’re in the clear. Just try to avoid doing this in the future, and if need arises, put on the wet or dirty clothes for the short time it takes to get from the bathroom to your room.

You are right in the fact that sometimes the advice here is horrible. :sad_yes:

I dread thinking of how many people would die, simply because they won’t let a doctor examine them. Part of treating our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, is to keep that temple healthy. NOT to be so ashamed of our own bodies that we can’t even look at them. :nope:

And OP, please, please get some help. Please.

  If my mother were still alive,,, she would agree and tell of her youth...

Without desire to cause sin in others, there’s basically no way this specific act could be a sin. First, the body itself is good and objectively beautiful. Jesus teaches that comes from inside man’s heart, not outside (e.g., intake through the eyes) is defiled. What is sinful is not to develop the virtue of prudence and wisdom. You may have made a practical mistake of judgment in this case (personally, I probably would have at least used the old clothes to cover the front as a nod towards unforeseen circumstances and our fallen nature), but being mistaken in judgment is not sinful. What could be sinful, failing to grow in wisdom and prudence through laziness or pride, seems to be what you have conquered by praying about it and discerning your question here. Edit: I should also point out, that while this specific act is not sinful, you should search your heart to examine if there were any other motives present, of which this non-sinful act could be indicative.

God bless!

You mean like, wanting to be seen, kind of halfway hoping for it?
Really, no way.
I just decided the risk that the nieghbor would step out exactly at that moment and without me hearing him (I stuck out my head at first, realized he was inside, told myself it would take me shorter to get to my room and it would take him to open the door from the inside, which I would hear… probably I would have heard him even walk up to his door, concentrating with my head stuck out… I thought the risk was negligible…

And went for it.

I just asked a question because I was unsure and wanted to know what other people felt about it?
Wasn’t good though, just getting contradictory answers ;):shrug:


What kind of answer were you hoping for ?

The kind of answer I should not be asking for anymore. :blush:
Fishing for reassurance.

And to the person who has told me to get help :)… it is rather that I must stay on track using the help that I already got… that is, try to avoid asking such questions and go on with my life.

Don’t get me wrong, for other people it might be good to ask about insecurities, but for me personally, as having suffered from at time really bad scrupulosity, I have learned in treatment (with a priest psychologist) and also confirmed just recently again by another priest who has accompanied me personally through a long struggle… it is better to not ask, to free myself from having to ask about every small thing.

I realize also that once I start asking questions here again it may lower the barrier to ask another one, and at the next insecurity again. Plus contradictory answers only feed the insecurity.



Given this information I think it is best that you not continue to post such questions. As for your remark about “contradictory” answers, I think maybe you should be a little bit more charitable. There are many factors which can lessen or even diminish ones culpability to sin. A person’s history can play a huge role in this, which is a key thing that is lost when asking strangers for advice in a “is this a sin” thread. This is why I always start by telling others to seek their spiritual adviser/confessor since there are many variables they are aware of which I am not. For example, I did not see your actions as being malicious; however, someone else reading your post could have seen you as someone who does not take their actions seriously. Your confessor because he knows your history would probably have seen your question as a temptation to fall back into your habit of being scrupulous.

The point is the conclusions others have regarding your culpability will be different based on the knowledge they have of your current situation and past issues, and on the relationship they have with you.

God bless.

I apologize if I came around as uncharitable. That was not my intention.

With my statement

I didn’t mean to blame the others for their answers, but myself for asking. :slight_smile: Because what could I have expected on a public forum with a question about something that, as you say well, has so many factors playing into it… of course some would see it like this and others like that. And yes, for somebody already struggling with insecurities about such issues, that is not a very helpful thing to do then.

Also what counts for people without the problem of scrupulosity may not be true for people who do have that problem. Advice might be very different.

Anyway I kind of resolved this issue now.

And thank you :slight_smile:

I see your logic - seems fine to me. Note that every act we do makes it more likely we can be seen by others naked. Most examples are absurd, but they just show that your original situation is one of degree, not sin or not. For example, if I don’t take an umbrella on a sunny day, and a freak storm happens, and someone as a result sees something from my wet clothes, well I can’t be blamed, because it was unforeseeable. Your original situation is far more foreseeable than my absurd one, but still completely within reason that nothing awkward would happen. And if it does, oh well, accidents happen, and you weren’t trying to seduce. Again, I wouldn’t worry; you did well to ask to satisfy your conscience/curiosity on the matter.

That makes sense. :slight_smile:

Still — you may not have read the whole thread :slight_smile: ---- I must learn to not ask about every small thing as it feeds into a problem with insecurity/scrupulosity I have been getting spiritusl and psychological help for… :blush:

Well, if it helps, here’s how secular law treats it (based on the California penal code). Indecent exposure applies to purposely allowing yourself to be seen with the intent of sexual gratification. So for instance, if you’re changing clothes in a parked car, reasonably out of the way, that’s not considered a crime.
I would imagine the reasoning is the same.

thanks for the addition

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