Rite of Christian Burial

Ok, I’ve just been to the most bizarre funeral liturgy. There was no introduction before the casket was marched down the aisle, and there was no incensation or sprinkling of the casket after communion (during the rite of commendation). Isn’t one of these required during the rite of commendation? Also, there was no “in paradisum” ever sung or read.

Please only answer if you know what you’re talking about…

  1. Was this a Catholic liturgy?
  2. If you are referring to the Catholic funeral liturgy that is a funeral Mass (which I’ll assume because you mention communion and you’re posting on a Catholic forum), the incense and sprinkling are optional. If the body was sprinkled with holy water during the rite of reception at the beginning of Mass, the sprinkling would ordinarily be omitted in the rite of final commendation.
  3. There’s no requirement in the Catholic Order of Christian Funerals for “in paradisum.”
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