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My parish has a monthly Latin Mass using the 2002 edition of the Missale Romanum (ordinary rite). We will shortly have an extraordinary Confirmation at this Mass. Does anyone have a copy of the current rite of Confirmation in Latin?


I’ve managed to answer my own question :eek: If anyone else has the same problem, you’ll find the text buried deep in this document icelweb.org/Ed/Confirmation%202012%20Green%20Book%20Lat-Eng_merged.pdf


2 points:

  1. I’m a bit confused.

What do you mean when you say “extraordinary Confirmation?”

Do you mean a Confirmation according to the Extraordinary Form (according to Summorum Pontificum)?

Or do you mean a Confirmation in some kind of extraordinary circumstances (such as one that was just recently put on the bishop’s schedule, or one administered by the pastor as an extraordinary minister of the sacrament)?

There’s no doubt that the bishop can confirm according to the older rite (ie prior to 1971), but I am not sure if that can be combined into an ordinary form Mass. I’ll check Summorum Pontificum and the complementary norms and get back on that.

  1. I’m not sure about the document you found. Read the introduction. It’s not an official text, but a proposed translation from March 2012. It might have been revised in the last 2 years.

This is a quote from Bishop Arthur S-----'s letter on the opening pages
It should be understood that these texts are not definitive and that what ICEL is seeking at this juncture is your opinion and comment.

We are still doing a lot of cut-and-paste at this juncture; combining the Roman Missal with the Pontificals (the books used by the bishops) and texts that have been legitimately approved but not yet published (so bishops are printing prayers and inserting them into the books).

The text you found might be the current, approved text, or it might not.

Just a word of caution before you do too much work, then discover later that the text might have some small (yet possibly significant) changes.


Thanks for your comments.

By extraordinary Confirmation, I mean the Confirmation of an individual by special dispensation, separate from an episcopal Confirmation ceremony or an RCIA ceremony. The words used are the same - apart from some singularisation.

The ICEL document contains a draft English translation along with the original Latin text. At the time, the Latin text had been approved and the English draft was offered for consultation. The translation of 50 pages of instructions may have been amended, but as far as I can see, the English text of the words of the ceremony are what we currently use.

We usually have a Latin Mass (2002 Missale Romanum) on the third Sunday of each month. This year, this coincides with Easter. At the Mass, we will be baptising a child, and by special dispensation, confirming his father. (This has all been arranged by the clergy - I’m just an MC and find out about these things at the last minute). There is not enough time to obtain the official rite from Rome (although we will order a copy). However, the whole of the Latin text is faithfully reproduced in the ICEL document: it is only the English that is a draft.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Confirmation in the EF is supposed to be done outside of Mass. I know that is how it was done in the pre-Vatican II Church, and the SSPX and FSSP do it that way.


You are correct, but the original poster was not asking about the EF.


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