Rite of Consecration of Virgins in EF


Is there a rite for Consecrated Virginity in the EF or is this only done in the OF?


There is, but only for nuns. It is strictly forbidden to tamper with the EF Rite which means that it can only be used by nuns.


Something for Ecclesia Dei to consider adding, don’t you think?


Wouldn’t that fly in the face of the rationale for the EF as a means to preserve the TLM?


How so? In what way does consecrated virginity go against the TLM?


Not consecrated virginity rather the creation of a new EF rite for CVs.


Couldn’t the rite used for nuns be used for laywomen?


That’s a question above my paygrade, but at least one person in this thread seems to think the rite for nuns cannot be used for CVs.

I wouldn’t expect the church to make any changes or additions to the EF.


No. The Rite in the EF Pontifical is written specifically for nuns. A new Rite would have to be devised for women living in the world to be consecrated in the EF Mass like nuns.


I thought the order of virgins was restored after VII… does that mean that it did technically always exist, just it was reserved for nuns?


So the rite for nuns is a rite of consecrated virginity though?


Pope Benedict modified the Good Friday prayer in the EF. Pope Francis could approve a modified rite for the consecrated virgins also.


He could but why would he bother? There is already a perfectly good Rite in the OF. Recall that this entire Rite must be done by a bishop. Thus it is a solemn Mass integrated with the Consecration. How many bishops are not just willing but are able to do the entire Solemn Mass and Consecration in the EF? You can’t have a low Mass said by some random priest and then sneak in theBishop. The whole ceremony must be done by a Bishop.


Not all congregations use the OF.


I think what he is saying is that the ceremony is conducted entirely by the Bishop, so whether or not a particular community uses the OF doesn’t affect what the Bishop does.


The OP asked about the rite of consecration of consecrated virgins in the EF. I think that it is possible where there is flexibility and good will.


Saying “the bishop celebrates the mass” doesn’t change the fact that it is celebrated in the OF, not the EF. Yet if the early Church consecrated virgins there must have been a rite for it.


Yes, but as the rite is usually celebrated with Mass, the bishop is forced to celebrate an OF Mass, right?


I would hope the bishop freely chooses to celebrate Mass with the Rite of Consecration of Virgins. If he feels forced to then he should resign as bishop.


That would depend on how the bishop feels about the EF and how he feels about the people who are asking for this.

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