Rite of Distributing Holy Communion Outside Mass?

Due to a priest shortage in our parish, we are now having a communion service during the week. I went to the first one today, at which the deacon recited the preface, including the Sanctus and the whole Canon of the Mass, including the Agnus Dei. Does the communion service allow this?

The Preface and the Eucharistic Canon are not part of Holy Communion Outside of Mass.

Immediately following the Liturgy of the Word, the minister goes to the tabernacle and places the ciborium on the altar. The Our Father is the next prayer after the Liturgy of the Word.

Following the sign of peace, the ritual does not call for the people to say/chant the Agnus Dei, but the minister is supposed to say the Ecce Agnus Deiā€¦

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