Rite of Election

Today, accompanied by my priest and my sponsor, I attended the Cathedral for the Rite of Election. It was amazing and very moving.

There were **143 **of us who have decided to convert to Catholicism. Not bad for this secular age!

Happy day Black_Dog!
I went to my first R of E as a prayerful supporter. It really was moving to see so many people on their way to becoming Catholic. You and all others will remain in my prayers as you prepare to become…

I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip, we mustered 261 for our diocese.

So thats 404 new Catholics this Easter thus far! :slight_smile:

I was told by our Deacon that there are about 400 for our Diocese. I was amazed.

We had around 120-130 at the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion last week. This wasn’t our entire diocese though.

My husband and I went through the rite of election yesterday with our parish’s RCIA group. There were only 3 candidates present, though there are 6 from our parish.

I was so excited yesterday, and it was very touching and special to me.

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