Rite of Profession


I have a time-sensitive question. Could someone please tell me: Is there a ritual/rite for perpetual profession that is to be used (besides the basic antiphons and prayers of the Mass given in the Roman Missal)? Or is it up to individual congregations to develop a format? If so, is it available online, or in another format? Thank you very much.


anything from a couple of sentences to a couple of pages. up to the charism.



There is a Rite of Profession that the Church expects congegations (especially new ones who don’t have centuries old Rituals) to use. It is in the Liturgical Rites in the Roman Ritual. There are two versions- one for men and one for women. There’s another one for religious nuns who receive the Consecration of Virgins during the Rite of Profession. That’s in the Roman Pontifical because it’s reserved to bishops. There are no Rites for secular Institute vows/promises or Diocesan Hermit professions. They will probably be developed at some point.


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