Rites of ordination.

Does anybody have a list that lines of the complete set of rites for the ordination for Deacons, Priests and Bishops, preferably in Dutch.
(English is fine to since I can easily translate the texts)

I am writing a book and I want a scene where a man is made into a priest.
I want it to be as accurate as possible and I have looked all over the internet.

If its not available I will just have to think of something myself. :smiley:


There is at least an excerpt concerning Ordination Rites in the CCC.

If I get a chance, I’ll look it up for you later LVCIVS DEI.

God bless.


No rush and thanks a lot.
Bless you to. :slight_smile:

Not really sure why you would need a list or Rites of Ordination for writing a book. If the Church wanted the Rites readily available-they would be. I cans see where they could be misused and abused. Peace.

I do not see how.
Can you explain that. :slight_smile:

And i just want my story to feel real.
Not like Stargate SG-1. :slight_smile:
(Hallowed are the Ori :wink: )

Umm… they are. :wink:


Is there a dutch site?

Here are 3 sites:

Bishop courseweb.stthomas.edu/jmjoncas/LiturgicalStudiesInternetLinks/ChristianWorship/Texts/Centuries/Texts_1900_2000CE/RCWorshipTexts1900_2000CE/Rite_of_Ordination_of_a_Bishop.htm

Priest courseweb.stthomas.edu/jmjoncas/LiturgicalStudiesInternetLinks/ChristianWorship/Texts/Centuries/Texts_1900_2000CE/RCWorshipTexts1900_2000CE/Rite_of_Ordination_of_a_Priest.htm

Deacon courseweb.stthomas.edu/jmjoncas/LiturgicalStudiesInternetLinks/ChristianWorship/Texts/Centuries/Texts_1900_2000CE/RCWorshipTexts1900_2000CE/Rite_of_Ordination_of_a_Deacon.htm

CAUTION: These are not official printings of the texts. I’ve noticed a few typing errors. The texts sometimes say “deacon” when they obviously mean “bishop” or “priest.”

These are the 1968 translations. A few words have been changed (at least in English) since then.

I have not compared these to the official printings. They might be exact word-for-word, or they might not. I can say that they “seem generally right.”

You can translate the ritual acts, and you can translate the parts that can be done in similar words. HOWEVER: if you have any characters actually speaking the prayers themselves in your book, it would be necessary for you to use the exact words as they appear in the Dutch ritual books. Otherwise, your research will be pointless and it will still look as if you were an author simply making up your own version of an ordination rite.

Here is an example of what I mean
19. The bishop alone stands and, with his hands joined, sings or says: Hear us, Lord our God, and pour out upon this servant of yours the blessing of the Holy Spirit and the grace and power of the priesthood. In your sight we offer this man for ordination: support him with your unfailing love We ask this through Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

If I were writing a novel in English, but I used my own version of those words (my own translation from the Latin), it would be obvious (to anyone who knows) that I made up the words—I would never get them exactly right, to match the official English text. Same applies if you translate the English text into Dutch. You will get it close, but you won’t get it right.

Good luck!

Thanks, though it is an alternate reality setting so i think that would make it ok.

LVCIVS DEI. Here are the CCC quotes regarding ordination.

Just one caveat concerning your book that I can think of here.

Deacons although are ordained, they are NOT ordained to the ministerial priesthood. Deacons are ordained to “service” but not as priests in a ministerial sense.

They are of course among the Priesthood of all of the Baptized faithful (just like I and presumably you are).

Hope this helps you and your book writing endeavor.

CCC 1541 The liturgy of the Church, however, sees in the priesthood of Aaron and the service of the Levites, as in the institution of the seventy elders,11 a prefiguring of the ordained ministry of the New Covenant. Thus in the Latin Rite the Church prays in the consecratory preface of the ordination of bishops:

God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, . . .
by your gracious word
you have established the plan of your Church.

From the beginning,
you chose the descendants of Abraham to be your holy nation.
You established rulers and priests
and did not leave your sanctuary without ministers to serve you. . . .12

CCC 1542 At the ordination of priests, the Church prays:

Lord, holy Father, . . .
when you had appointed high priests to rule your people,
you chose other men next to them in rank and dignity
to be with them and to help them in their task. . . .

you extended the spirit of Moses to seventy wise men. . . .
You shared among the sons of Aaron
the fullness of their father’s power.13

CCC 1543 In the consecratory prayer for ordination of deacons, the Church confesses:
Almighty God . . .,

You make the Church, Christ’s body,
grow to its full stature as a new and greater temple.
You enrich it with every kind of grace
and perfect it with a diversity of members
to serve the whole body in a wonderful pattern of unity.

You established a threefold ministry of worship and service,
for the glory of your name.
As ministers of your tabernacle you chose the sons of Levi
and gave them your blessing as their everlasting inheritance.14

Priesthood of all of the Baptized faithful?

Hope this helps you and your book writing endeavor

It helps thats for sure. :slight_smile:

I think I will focus on the prostration and the handing of the vessels.

Its not a copy but its an alt reality so thats ok. :smiley:

It just needs to feel real.

Priesthood of all of the Baptized faithful?

Yes. When we were baptized we have a share in the One Priest’s (Jesus Christ’s) priesthood.

All of the baptized people do.

I’ll try to write more on this priesthood concept later too. Just a few items, not too much.

That will also help with book accuracy.

That will also help with book accuracy.

How so? :slight_smile:

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