Ritual Size Roman Missal from Liturgical Training Publications (Lots of Pics)


Shown is a Ritual Size Roman Missal from Liturgical Training Publications.

This is obviously not a pew missal but the actual missal that a priest will use at the altar to pray the Mass. Few get to see the Roman Missal up close and so I thought I’d share some pictures for those who have never seen one.

There are several publishers of chapel size (smaller) and ritual size (larger) Roman Missals. This particular Missal was on clearance sale for a very attractive price. CAF user FrDavid96 (Father David) suggested that the sale might be an effort by LTP to clear out the stock of old Missals which do not include St. Joseph’s name in Eucharistic Prayers II-IV as was recently required by Rome. Fr. David’s suspicion is likely correct as this Missal does not include St. Joseph in the three EP’s. Most priests with older missals do it by memory or have a note in the margin to include St. Joseph’s name.

With or without St. Joseph, $60 for ritual size Roman Missal is a bargain and so I present it for your viewing and discussing pleasure. Commentary inline…

The **General Instruction of the Roman Missal **is in the front of the book.

The photograph shows the tabs which the priest or emcee will use to quickly find the appropriate parts of the book - Order of Mass (OM), Eucharistic Prayers I-IV, Prefaces, Masses for Various Needs, Communion Rite, Solemn Blessings and so forth. They really don’t want the priest or emcee fumbling with pages so every page for Eucharistic Prayers I-IV are tabbed, not just the first page.

This is a typical page for a Sunday showing the opening antiphon, collect and prayer over the offerings. This particular Sunday, the first Sunday of Lent, has a proper preface before the Eucharistic prayer and so that is shown with chant notation. The word proper means that something specific is required for that day. Since this is Lent, the priest has to say that particular Preface prayer and cannot choose his own.

This is the collect prayed after the Gloria during the Easter Vigil.

This is one of the prefaces to the Eucharistic Prayer which may be used at the priest’s discretion during ordinary time. Each preface has a theme. This particular preface’s theme is “The Mystery of Salvation”.



This picture shows the Smyth sewn binding and ribbons. This particular book is brand new and some of the ribbons haven’t been touched yet.

Couldn’t resist a picture of the proper prayers for St. Timothy’s memorial. :slight_smile:

Some might not like singing the Lord’s Prayer but the fact that it is allowed cannot be questioned. The actual notation is given right in the Missal. The optional Latin chant notation is in the book as well.

The words of institution for Eucharistic Prayer I. EPI is also called “The Roman Canon”. Holding this book in my hands and reading the actual words said by the priest takes my breath away.

Two color artwork before EPII.

Another look at the tabs.



Another look at the artwork and prayers, this time for the first Sunday of Advent.

It seems as if the entire Mass can be sung and Appendix I is full of chant notation for almost all of the Mass. I wonder if this is similar to what is known as a “Sung Mass” in the EF? Is this a Missa Cantata? Hopefully someone can chime in and add to the discussion.

An idea of the size and heft. It is a beefy book. Some of the smaller children can’t hold it up for the priest.

That’s enough pictures for now and I’m sure I’m dangerously close to violating copyright laws. It is amazing to hold such a book and ponder all the Masses that will be prayed with it.

**And the king went up to the house of the LORD, and with him all the men of Judah and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the priests and the prophets, all the people, both small and great; and he read in their hearing all the words of the book of the covenant which had been found in the house of the LORD. ** (John 21:17) (2 Kings 23:2)



The whole OF Mass can be chanted in Latin.


But you knew that, right?


I was editing the post as you quoted it to reflect the fact that yes, the whole thing can be in Latin.



I would say very much similar. Most probably wouldn’t know the difference between a OF Mass sung in Latin and the Missa Cantata in the EF. The Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Pater Noster, Preface of the Holy Trinity, and the EP1 are identical, except for the acclamation after the consecration. And Asperges Me and incense where used as well.

Incidentally EP1 in Latin or the Roman Canon can be easily recognized in a missal of 750 AD and possibly before then.



I wish you well with it. :slight_smile:


What a beautiful book! Thank you for posting the pictures, very interesting.


[quote=TimothyH]the sale might be an effort by LTP to clear out the stock of old Missals which do not include St. Joseph’s name in Eucharistic Prayers II-IV as was recently required by Rome.

$60?!? What a bargain!

I thought that I had seen that some Missal publishers made up a little sticker that could be placed in the margins with the additional text. Still, at this price, it’s worth it!

Where’d you find this bargain at?


Thank you Father. I have been asked to be an emcee and so have to be intimately familiar with the book. Once I get used to it I will donate it to a parish or priest. I’m sure a mission somewhere could use one.



Liturgical Training Publications.

Yeah, it is a $180 book. I was looking at chapel size for $99 and stumbled upon the ritual size at ltp.org/p-2312-the-roman-missal-ritual-edition.aspx for $60 and so I jumped on it. It did not come with stickers.

Interestingly, the chapel edition, though smaller, is $10 more.



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