Road To Rio: Police Sweep Away 'Street Children' Ahead Of Summer Olympics


With a faltering economy and an $11 billion investment at stake, Brazil wants nothing more than to stage a successful Olympic Games come August. The government is building new transportation and sports venues, hiring security guards and deploying soldiers, and sprucing up Rio de Janeiro’s most-visited areas. But “cleaning the streets,” as the project is euphemistically known, is not an effort to haul garbage but to sweep away homeless people and drug dealers—including the often drug-addicted children who live on the sidewalks of some of Rio’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

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China did something similar when they hosted.


What I would like to know is that are they making any progress in cleaning up the water the rowing events might have to take place in? From the reports I’ve seen on TV, that water is filthy (won’t affect the swimming events, thankfully).

If they want to clean up anything, they should start with the water.


Just read the other day of some of the horror stories that happened with the Olympics in Korea and the ‘street cleansing’ that went on there.


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