Road Trip on Sunday?

Is taking a long road trip on Sunday something that shouldn’t be done, i.e does it break the Sunday rest requirement? I could come back on a Saturday but coming back on a Sunday would give me an extra day of vacation.

It is perfectly fine to take a road trip on Sunday. Simply live it as a Sunday (Mass etc).

We are to avoid “servile” work on Sunday; moving yourself around, at whatever distance, hardly counts as that.

As was said, just be sure to go to Mass.


A road trip does not count as servile work, so it’s fine.

Great thank you! Yes of course I’d meet my Sunday obligation. :slight_smile:

Of course, the term “servile work” does not appear in the current Code of Canon Law.

Your resting in the car ,great idea,also you could incorporate visiting another parish on your journey ,two birds with one stone as they say,enjoy your trip,enjoy the scenery

No doubt because they wished to avoid the appearance of pejorativity; but the meaning is probably still there.


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