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Something rather serious has come up in my vocational journey. My dad knows I want to be a priest, but my mother doesn’t. My father has not brought it up, other than to mock me about it, since I told him in August. He says he is a Catholic, but yet he does not believe he needs to go to confession. He thinks Church is only about the hearing the Word of God. They go to Church on Sunday and that is about it. My mom is pro-choice, pro- birth control, and pro-two men or women being in a relationship. She doesn’t believe that a crucifix, rosary, or Bible is important to be displayed. There is much more to the faith than an object, but it’s almost like any kind of religious icon disrupts a room’s style to her. In fact, her and my dad took our picture of The Last Supper down. I feel like if I become a priest, that my parents will be disappointed in me, or just not really care. I want my parents support, but if following God means not having their support or interest, then I don’t really care about their opinion. Of course, I will follow the fourth commandment. How do I deal with this? I KNOW that I want to be a priest.


To begin with, I don’t know how old you are, but you should be talking about this with one of your Parish priests, rather than with anonymous laity on the internet. I would make an appointment to see him. Your parents do not need to know of this at this point.
Secondly, from your description of your parents, it sounds like they are Cafeteria Catholics who have never been properly catechized.
At this stage of the game, please pray for them and tolerate their shortcomings. I would also heed what the priest who meets with you very closely.


When one’s a minor, following the 4th commandment has a different meaning once one’s an adult. When one’s a minor, he needs to “obey” at least to a point

However, once one reaches adulthood, one shouldn’t still be obligated to “obey”. It’d be more like respect, honor them, help them in their old age, NOT meaning to obey. Your parents don’t have the right to determine your career choice.

If you want to become a priest, it’s YOUR life! Your life, your decision!

Further, if you truly believe you have a calling to the priesthood, you would need to consider the following:

Christ said that anyone who put his parents above God is NOT worthy to be a disciple.

He said that once the hand was laid to the plough, that no one who looked back was fit for the kingdom of God.

A lot of saints went into religious life against their parents’ wishes.

I know that must be terrible. Both my parents were Catholic, so I can’t possibly know what that must be like.

That must be a hard choice, to have to choose between one’s parents and God, but Abraham offered his only firstborn son. So, life’s not an easy road, and the priesthood even less so!

EXPECT to be seriously persecuted, especially in today’s society. I mean it! You would need to get used to this attitude, because unfortunately, it’s all too prevalent.

Did you ever get a copy of the Catechism and try that out on your family?


1.Peter 2:5 You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Matthew. 10.37

Those who love Father or Mother more than me aren’t worthy of me.

There are always crosses to bear when you want to follow the Lord more Closely. The Lord has called you onto the Damascus Road to follow Him, your heart will be restless until you follow that priestly calling. If you were to get married your parents might find fault here also, so show them your a man , and do what your meant to do. In the end they will admire you for taking a stand in what you want to do. You have your life ,your parents picked each other that was what they wanted.

Be strong and trust in the Lord, see you on the Altar.


Hail Mary, Full of Grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of our death.


You becoming a priest might be hard on your mother in the short term, but who knows what kind of good fruit it could provide in her life in the long term?

I’ve heard of cases where fathers disapprove/don’t support their sons, but I’ve not heard too many cases of mothers doing the same.

*Come, O Creator Spirit, come,
and make within out heart thy home;
to us thy grace celestial give,
who of thy breathing move and live.

O Comforter, that name is thine,
of God most high the gift divine;
the well of life, the fire of love,
our souls’ anointing from above.

Thou dost appear in sevenfold dower
the sign of God’s almighty power;
the Father’s promise, making rich
with saving truth our earthly speech.

Our senses with thy light inflame,
our hearts to heavenly love reclaim;
our bodies’ poor infirmity
with strength perpetual fortify.

Our mortal foes afar repel,
grant us henceforth in peace to dwell;
and so to us, with thee for guide,
no ill shall come, no harm betide.

May we by thee the Father learn,
and know the Son, and thee discern,
who art of both; and thus adore
in perfect faith for evermore.


As many of us have told you on your multiple crisis threads, pray, and relax. It’s in God’s hands.


Knowing the worst that could happen (disapproving, mocking parents) should put you at ease! You already know the worst possible outcome. Stop trying to obtain their approval. Have your plans, apply to seminary at the appropriate time.

Pray more, worry less. Trust God.


Having been in something similar to your situation, I truly understand how you feel.

The one thing you need right now are good grades to get into seminary. Talk to your priest; dig into your studies; and do online adoration. Are you able to go to Mass before school?

I notice all three of you sound combatitive. If you concentrate on your studies, the issue will be on the back burner. Nobody can disturb the cloister of your heart. Practice interior silence, which is more effective at bringing about conversions than anything else, other than, perhaps the rosary.

Hold each parent solidly in your mind’s eye, and surround them with love. The more I prayed for my parents, the smoother things got. Mom decided to stop harassing me. Always RESPECT them. God has a plan for everyone, and that includes the three of you.

At your age, you’re naturally starting to need more freedom to explore what God wants of you, and many parents don’t recognize this. Young adults who have to stay at home because of economics have to be seen as roommates, but they are still expected to follow house rules. Both of my boys are still under my roof, and while they are here, I consider these times to be precious. I don’t know how much longer they will be with me and their dad.

Cafeteria Catholics need greater compassion. How would you want to be treated in such a situation? Concentrate on your own spiritual development, and let the Holy Ghost and their angels move them along behind you.



Laudetur Iesus - in aeternum!

Hello brother!

Welcome in the club of future priests (without of parents support)! :smiley:
My parents don’t support me at all on my journey to Lord’s altar. So believe me, I know how you feel. My only advice is … Pray and pray … That’s how you will realize God’s will.
If you have any seminarian or priest, try to speak with him, he may advice you and pray for you also.

May God bless you!

In Christo,
Frater tuus Attempto


I dont have any contributions to come up With, but I will pray for you my friend.
Im converting to the Church at the Easter Vigil 2014 and are fortunat enough to have great support at homefront at least from my parents even though my sisters think my faith is stupid for some reason:(

I also have a great feeling of vocation, in my case Im thinking of entering an order.
I do think about the Dominicans, Franciscans and the Carmelitts, which one of them Im yet to figure out.

Im not looking forward to the day when Im poping that bobble :frowning:
Anyway, I feel for you my Brother in Christ!

Do not let this interupt Your vocation, but try to focus on what an honor it is to follow Christ.

God Bless!

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