Rob Reiner to Bill Maher: TeaParty reminds me of Nazism

… Got Projection?

… Archie Bunker

“I’ve never seen an election cycle with more ignorance”
… Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner on Bill Maher’s TV show.

This is incredibly revealing to me. The fact that libs believe this garbage and say it out loud for the record is priceless.

I never did like Meathead.

It runs in the family. I remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for Governor some years in ago in that famous “Recall Election.” Carl Reiner, (Rob’s Dad) was on a TV Program and referred to Arnold as “Arnold Schwarzeneeeger,” spelling it in such a way as to make the “neger” part of his last name sound like “n----r.” Plus he said it with a fake German/Austrian accent to emphasize the spelling.
Nobody but a few right-of center bloggers commented on it. Totally ignored in the media.

It was clear the way Reiner said the last name that he intended the word to sound just like it appeared to sound.

I have no doubt this will be ignored by the Left-Leaning Media just like they ignored His Father’s disturbing little Pronounciation a few years ago.

Ultimately, not surprising at all.

Typical Leftie Elitist Unfair Condescension. :thumbsup:

This must be a world-record for the fastest violation of Godwin’s Law. Reiner should lose points for that one.

Reiner somehow does not see Teaphobia and Tea-bullying potentially causing mental anquish, potentially resulting in a loss of human life, when one of God’s children becomes so distraught and overcome with mental suffering, that they potentially take their life as a result.

Reiner should tell us, "Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own versions of happiness … most of all, to be true to ourselves”.

Why doesn’t he encourage Tea Partyers to be true to themselves, and see Tea Partying as a source of pride, and a source of strength? Can some of the Anti-Tea Partyers out there tell me they love me and care about me just the way I am?

The blind-man to the deaf-mute.

Consider the source” my wise Polish Mother would’ve said (God Rest her soul).

God Bless you.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn

The most dangerous things in America Far Left Godless Liberals with money!

Dawn can’t I say what my Polish father would have said I’d get banned (God rest his sole).


God Bless you.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn

I don’t doubt that, Stan, but my father, whose first language was also Polish, had a few choice things to say about the rich Wall Street Republicans who weren’t particularly mindful of the Gospels. A bit of a different attitude from a unionist working a hard job on the railroad.

I, too was tempted to say a few choice things along those lines - in Polish - but, even so, best left unsaid! :smiley:


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