Rob Schneider Ripped for Lecturing John Lewis About MLK

Honestly, I fail to understand how just because somebody is famous for doing something 50 years ago it somehow makes them free from criticism.

Ah yes, John Lewis this so-called icon has been caught telling lies.
He lied about Trumps legitimate presidential win and Lewis said this will be the first inauguration he will skip.
Two big whoppers from a, ahem, pillar of virtue!
Lying is natural to Democrats even if you walk across a bridge!

I didn’t remember who Rob Schneider was.

Not even sure why this is news.

Maybe Rob Schneider’s publicist felt he needed some attention and had Schneider send out a tweet.

I really could not remember who he was. I got confused with the man from the Dukes of Hazzard, John Schneider.


Probably because it further proves the intolerance of the left

Lewis called Trump’s election illegitimate, Trump fired back that Lewis should be more concerned with his district. At that point the left decided Trump had crossed the line and gone too far. So I have to interpret this as meaning Lewis can criticize people, but they in turn may not criticize him.

And it shows the blatant and completely acceptable racism of the left. From the article one supposed reason this was wrong is because Schneider is not Black.

A very peculiar read.

What you actually read in the responses is disgust that this person, with no connection to MLK, would be so arrogant as to explain his philosophy and work to a person who was, heroically, with him in the day.

How do you interpret ‘whitesplain’?

Your position seems to be that the only authentic interpreters of a man are those who were physically with him? So I guess St. Paul was arrogant when he rebuked St. Peter? And I guess the Catholic Church can no longer authentically interpret the words of Jesus since no one alive was with Him?

I think the arrogance is with the side who says anyone not with a particular man on a particular day can’t actually understand that man’s teaching. It actually is magical or superstitious thinking to say only those with MLK can understand his teaching. And it is just silly to say that anyone who was with MLK can’t act contrary to those teachings.

If the Catholic Church were to claim an authority beyond the Apostles, that would totally lack authenticity. Indeed the charism of infallibility (which RS lacks) would prevent such a departure from authenticity.

Paul and Peter?
That is a fair point. Time will tell if RS is equivalent to Paul in discernment about the things that he did not witness.

That is a wildly polemical spin on what people are saying. Sad.

I didn’t know who John Lewis was. :stuck_out_tongue: :o

Racist person rips black hero, gross.

Yes, indeed. John Lewis was there with MLK and knows first-hand the challenges involved in the struggle of Black Americans and all Americans for a more just and peaceful society and world. He needs no lectures from someone who was not present at the time.

That said, I disagree with John Lewis, as well as the dozens of Democrats, for his boycotting of Trump’s inauguration. By claiming that Trump is “illegitimate,” he is doing the same thing that Trump himself and his birther supporters had done with regard to the presidency of Obama. While he and others have the right to protest Trump’s election, there seems to me something unpatriotic and childish about not attending the event that represents the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next and is a cornerstone of our democratic form of government.

Well put. I would venture to guess that was the point Schneider was trying to make. He just didn’t choose his words carefully enough.

Part of me does shake my head that so many news articles I come across are based on what some famous person said on Twitter. We’ve become a culture than obsessively analyzes 140 character sound bytes that people shoot off in a moment, often without due reflection.

How was his tweet racist?

He’s black-splaining MLK to a civil rights legend…

I am not sure I understand the outcry from the left over the Trump response. John Lewis makes a negative comment, Trump fires back. I am not sure anyone really can be surprised. Most presidents would probably be above the fray, but Trump is definitely not. Kind of reminds me of two school boys in a fight. It should be over in five minutes and not much to see here.

As to Rob Schnieder, I am not sure why anyone cares what he thinks. I mean, I think he is a funny comedian, but I don’t particularly care about his political views.

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