Robert Downey, Jr. Asks Hollywood to Forgive Mel Gibson

Here’s the type of Hollywood story you don’t often see:

Robert Downey, Jr. Asks Hollywood to Forgive Mel Gibson

Wow. What a graceful thing for Downey to do.

Thank you for sharing this up-lifting article. “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

I know. With Gibson’s pariah status, Downey definitely took a risk by saying those things.

I really like Robert Downey, Jr. He’s an upstanding guy since his “conversion” to a straight life.


I read the article was greatly moved. God be Praised and Shower his Blessings on Robert Downey, Jr.

Wow… that was really big-hearted of RDjr. I have to admit, I’m so deeply disappointed with Mel Gibson that I can’t even say his name any more without feeling mortified. I just hope Mel does something to really merit that forgiveness, though, like Getting Himself into Some Kind of Therapy with a Catholic therapist and reconciling with his poor wife and his younger kids for the grief he put them through. The guy’s got more issues than National Geographic Magazine and he really needs some kind of professional help.

I forgive Mel, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be his fan or attend his films.

I DO agree he needs some SERIOUS therapy.

But it WAS very charitable and “Christian” of Downey to do that.

Let’s hope good things come from this. :thumbsup::slight_smile:

Robert Downey, Jr. was a classy guy to do that.

Wouldn’t you just love to know what they said to each other as they embraced? :hug1: Very moving.

Thanks for posting it.

That was such a great thing to do and I’m sure it meant a lot to Mel. It would have been so easy for Downey to condemn him but he chose to take the high road.

That was truly awesome! :thumbsup:

I agree. Wow. I was also quite moved by the article and video. Truly, Downey is a good guy.

I like Iron Man more now.

Great handle, by the way!! Grew up reading him.

So does this mean you’re excited about the Avengers movie? :smiley:

Well, I’ve always been interested in comic book superheroes, but I never actually got into reading the comics, partly because there wasn’t a comic book store near my house. Then as I grew older I found out about all the crazy continuity issues in both Marvel and DC that they had many times tried to fix with major crossover events, but failed. Also, there are many decades of many different series. Being the way I am, I like to be complete and have a reasonably consistent fictional universe, so nowadays that is why I still don’t read them. This is where the movies come in: I can enjoy a version of the world that doesn’t have those problems. But so far, of the films leading up to The Avengers, I’ve only seen the first Iron Man… :shrug:

Apparently Mel is about to make another religious themed movie based on an OT story (cant remember which exactly, sorry).

Mel Gibson actually helped Robert Downey Jr. when he had his drinking problems as well as other problems so its like Robert is returning the favor which is very nice of him.

I dont understand what Gibson did that was wrong? I think hollywood and the media have just been trying to destroy Gibsons name because of the passion of the Christ film. Even Gibson and crew of the passion said hollywood as well as others were attacking the film and Gibson before it was even released even going as far as to threaten his family.

Doesn’t really have anything to do with the Passion movie, has more to do with his anti-Semitic tirades, both when arrested for DUI and the abusive messages he left on his ex’s answering machine.
I have always loved Mel Gibson (and I still do, I think he’s enormously talented) but even I admit he has done some pretty terrible things.

Over the years I have cringed when I would hear people say, “Oh, just another hypocritical Catholic!”

That’s enough for me to be aggravated with this guy.:mad:

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