Robert Downey, Jr., on being a "practicing Catholic"

Q. Are you religious? Many people find God as part of their recovery process and there seem to be veiled references in a few of the songs.

A. [Robert Downey, Jr.] I’m not above it. But like Jung said about people using religion to avoid a religious experience, I have managed handily to avoid a religious experience. I don’t know where I fall. Spiritual Green Party? There were times when I was into the whole Hare Krishna thing, which is pretty far out. Now I would call myself a Jew-Bu, a Jewish-Buddhist. But there were many times when Catholicism saved my butt.

Q. You were a practicing Catholic?

**A.**I was in as much when I was on the B yard and they asked me, “Are you going to Catholic services or Presbyterian services?” I think I’m going to Catholic because they just give you more stuff. More candles and there’s a whole calendar where this day you read this, the next day you read that. It’s like a call sheet for spirituality.

well at least he sees that as a positive. we are a religion that engages all the senses.

So, in other words, it sounds like he was not in fact a practicing Catholic…except by his own definition of course. Ah Relativism, where would the modern world be without thee?

His responses are a perfect example of why we can justifiably admire Hollywood celebrities for their acting talents, but certainly not their lifestyle choices. “Today I’m a ‘Jew-Bu’ (nevermind that I just offended both groups with that nickname), tomorrow I’m a Catholic because they do ‘neato’ things at Mass!”

Puh…lease. Give me a break. :banghead:

I’d take a nominal Catholic than an anti-Catholic any day. Growing in the faith is a process. Why do we expect everyone who says they are Catholic to be fervent in the faith? Didn’t Jesus says he came to call sinners? Sinners don’t change overnight. Let us pray for their conversion.

We force kids to go to school to form knowedge, but we don’t force people to learn the rules of the Church in order to form character. When character formation hasn’t occurred, we pretend to be shocked when the lewd media is successful at reducing people into doing whatever feels good, as if adults are children. It seems like a classic battle between childhood and adulthood. :shrug:

This is a maybe exdruggie who lives the hollywood liberal lifestyle of self indulgence why would anyone listen to what he says…:confused: or care :confused::rolleyes:. I hope for his sake that he is really off drugs and continues to be and wish him no harm or back luck but I really could care less about is religious philosophy. :shrug:

At least it’s not a bash on the Church.
I know where he is coming from and been there its the whole …“I’m not religious I’m SPIRITUAL. Don’t you understand how deep and fascinating I am?”
hey, I evolved from it so there is hope!!

I liked his answers, considering he’s a Hollywood actor. But the answers are also from an interview from 2004 AND done by the New York Times. I don’t know how much I would expect an indepth answer about his religious beliefs given who was conducting the interview. Plus the questions were thrown into the middle of a bunch of nonsense, ridiculous type questitions about his career at that point in time. I would love to hear more about his experiences if it was done by one of the Catholic news services or magazines.

You guys, I can relate to him completely with this.

Possibly he’s not trying to be glib with the whole “more stuff” in Catholicism comment. I know what he means. It’s very organized and structured. I was raised in a lax environment where anything goes, much like he was. I am drawn to that structure and having concrete rules. I identified as a “JuBu” myself (I don’t know of anyone who finds this offensive). I was either at synagogue, the Buddhist center, or the Unitarian Universalist fellowship (UU). So I was a UU JuBu!

I started to find the UU services and practice were too liberal, especially for my children. The Buddhist group not as structured as I’d like. I came to realize I loved Judaism but converted as a teen in part because I was searching. I had gone to the Seventh-day Adventist church many times but felt it was too un-Biblical and too much emphasis on, in my opinion, the false prophetess Ellen White.

I had been visiting Anglican churches for over a decade and became closer to that after having a desire for something more conservative, structured, and godly. My then-boyfriend also wanted a church wedding and “my” Anglican church was the only place I wanted to marry in. Now I’m studying Catholicism.

Look, I’m thrilled Mr. Downey is headed in the right direction. He seems to becoming a godly family man. He’s serious about being clean and about his wife, son, and his unborn child. What a huge leap from who he was!


Were you raised Jewish? Orthodox? Conservative?

I’m a JeBu, myself.:smiley:

I was raised by a family that identified as Southern Baptist. My mother was agnostic and had phases of being an militant atheist, Evangelical Christian, Wiccan, Unitarian…

Most people in my family are Evangelical Baptists. My sister is now a “born again” Christian and she and her husband attend a United Methodist church. My grandmother has been less than thrilled with anything I do.

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