Robert Gates: The U.S. Has No Global Strategy


This is an interview:

The former defense secretary on U.S. gains forfeited in Iraq, America’s rudderless foreign policy and the ‘completely unrealistic’ Donald Trump.

Many Americans probably had misgivings when U.S. troops were withdrawn from Iraq in 2011, but even the most pessimistic must be surprised at how quickly things went south.

Turn on the TV news: Western Iraq, including the Sunni triangle that the U.S. once worked so hard to pacify, is in the hands of a terrorist group, Islamic State, radiating attacks as far as Paris, Jakarta and San Bernardino, Calif.

The battlefield where the U.S. spent most of its blood has become swept up into the chaos of next-door Syria. Refugees from the region are destabilizing Europe. Proxy forces, shadowy groups and national armies representing half a dozen countries are fighting on the ground and in the air. The world seems one incident away from World War III in the vacuum U.S. troops left behind—as when NATO member Turkey recently shot down a Russian jet.


This is completely false. The US has a vast intelligence system. It was recently announced that “we have a 24 hour global strike capability.” Look up Project for a New American Century. US tanks are sitting in storage in Poland. The Top Secret X-37B space plane is on its fourth - announced - mission. No one knows what it is doing in space. It could be referred to as an unmanned version of the Space Shuttle. Private companies are building and testing launch vehicles. The list goes on.

The strategy has been what it has been since the end of the Cold War: The United States is the only superpower on earth. Those in charge of that kind of power make plans to make sure it is not taken away and to remind enemies and potential enemies, that force will be used. I don’t think the formerly Top Secret National Reconnaissance Office analyzes images for no particular reason.

This sounds like campaign/election talk.



It is not correct to say that the Obama-Clinton administration has had no foreign policy strategy. It is correct to say that that strategy has been a disaster.


I wonder if it is in any part due to security leaks. I have little doubt Russia read Hillary’s emails, heck we know the NSA would listen to Angela Merkels phone calls etc.

Hillary was playing high stakes poker, and everyone else knew what was in her hand. You can’t bluff.


This is to the everlasting shame of America that the hard fought and blood spent by their own American soldiers meant so little to them that Obama was able to throw away the gains made in Iraq without any negative consequences to his popularity at all.

Mediocre leadership of even the greatest war force that has ever existed has led to the less than mediocre results that has been the American contribution to stability in the last eight years. The future looks even less promising.


That’s a capability, not a strategy.


It isn’t too hard to imagine who got hold of highly classified info through Hilary’s self granted convenience. Can you imagine the “hackers” glee when they had access. Somebody got promoted! Most likely, what one hacker can do - so can another, and another. Do we ask Mr. Putin if Snowden could be escorted back to the U.S. and find out what he gave away?

Betcha Iran had the news to negotiate such a wonderful Obama/Kerry deal.
They aren’t excluded from America’s enemies are they? Did Obama take his pen and turn them into an ally? Maybe after he meets with the Muslim Brotherhood he will make sure his legacy has included his latest.


Presidents come and go but the CIA, NSA, NRO, secret aircraft and reconnaissance satellites dictate the global state of affairs in every corner of the planet.

Take the Ukraine. As far as I’m concerned, no one knew anything - that they would tell the American people. Deception is a primary strategy. There’s a book written in 5 B.C. that gives the basics. It’s still in print.



There are defectors besides this man. Nothing he did or said should have been published. The fact that it was tells me it was a show for the world to believe.



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