Robert Jordan and the World of Time

I read this afternoon that Robert Jordan, author of the World of Time series, has passed away. I have been reading this series since 1990 and it is nowhere near it’s completion (although he did say he would bring the series to its conclusion in the unfinished last novel). God rest your soul, Robert. Many an hour have I spent in your elaborate world. Would that you had brought it to completion.

That’s so sad. My brother is a huge fan.

I did a quick search and it sounds like he was planning on a 1500+ page finale, that he worked on it up til his death, and that in his final days he shared all the plot details w/ his family.

Thats really sad. I read 6 or 7 books from that series so far. He was really quite talented.
I did breath a sigh of relief that he left the details of the plot to his family. Imagine writing all those books without finishing the series?

Exactly my point. We’ve all invested a lot of time in it. There’s even a guy here on CAF with the name of Rand. I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday before I read the report of Jordan’s death and as I passed his books, I wondered to myself when the last book would be published and how he was going to tie all of those story lines together.

If his family cannot finish the book, I hope they just publish the manuscript, warts and all. They did that for Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series and just entitled it 21 as it was the twenty-first novel in the series. It was a fascinating book because O’Brian wrote everything out by hand. It gave you an inside glimpse into the author.

James Rigney Jr.RIGNEY, JR., James Entered into eternal rest on the afternoon of September 16, 2007, James Oliver Rigney, Jr., husband of Harriet Popham Rigney. Residence, Charleston, SC. The relatives and friends are invited to attend his funeral services in St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at eleven o’clock. Interment, private. Friends may call at the Church Social Hall following the service. Mr. Rigney, Jr. was born October 17, 1948 in Charleston, SC, the son of James Oliver Rigney, Sr., and Eva Mae Grooms Rigney. He was a graduate of The Citadel and served in the United States Army during Viet Nam. He was a member of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, the Fidelity Lodge #304 A.F.M. and the Carolina Yacht Club. He is survived by his wife of Charleston, SC; one son: William Popham McDougal of Housatonic, Massachusetts; one brother: Reynolds W. Rigney of New Orleans, LA; his first cousin: Wilson Watson Grooms, Jr. of Charlotte, NC and numerous nieces and nephews, including James Oliver Rigney, III of New Orleans, LA. He is predeceased by his brother Theodore Smith Rigney. Memorials may be made in the name of James O. Rigney, Jr. to The Mayo Clinic Department of Hematology, Amyloidosis Research, 200 First Street, S.W. Rochester, Minnesota 55095. Arrangements by J. HENRY STUHR, INC., DOWNTOWN CHAPEL. Visit our guestbook at
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His obituary from the Charleston “Post and Courier”. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.

God rest his soul. Although I have to say that I gave up on the series several years ago–I’m not sure he would ever have completed it even if he’d lived another 20 years. (He wasn’t that old, right?) The first few volumes were great.


I didn’t know he was a Mason - the obit says he was a member of Fidelity Lodge #304, A.F.M.

He wrote the Wheel of Time series, not World of Time. The first couple of volumes were interesting, but he dragged the series on too long and generally beat it ot death - I lost interest a long time ago.

Ah, I was meaning to post this a while ago here, I’m glad it got here though.

I was really sad to hear he passed away, and although I’m sure this was the absolute last thing on anyways mind I imagine he would be disappointed he didn’t get to complete his masterwork.

Although his wife apparently will be finishing the series, I’m afraid it just won’t be the same, and the series won’t get the spectacular finish it deserves. Well, at least we’ll all get to learn how Randland ends up.

P.S. I’m rather surprised the poster Rand al’ Thor hasn’t posted.

I knew he had been ill for some time.

Yes, the series is good escapism, but it sure as heck is taking those characters a long time to get where they’re going.

The never ending story :smiley:

Ah man, I love those books, I really need to start reading them again. He was my favorite author about 3 years ago. May God rest his soul.

Absolutely love the series, have been reading tem all my life it seems.

Read eye of the world when I was twelve which was a decade ago and have re-read them everytime a new book came out.

How he is going to finish the series in a single boom I dont know but he once said in an interview that a memory of light would def be the last book “whether it is 1500 pages long, Tor has to invent a new binding system, or it comes with its own library cart”.

I just noticed this! What a shame. I was hoping to see how he would tie it all up for book 12. I certainly hope the family uses his notes to put out the final book. :frowning:

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