Robert Novak, Long-Time Conservative Columnist, Dies at 78

Robert D. Novak, 78, an influential columnist and panelist on TV news-discussion shows who called himself a “stirrer up of strife” on behalf of conservative causes, died today at his home in Washington of a brain tumor first diagnosed in July 2008.

Novak’s “Inside Report” syndicated column, shared for 30 years with the late Rowland Evans, was important reading for anyone who wanted to know what was happening in Washington. Novak and Evans broke stories about presidential politics, fiscal policy and inter-party feuds. Their journalism, which reported leaks from the highest sources of government, often had embarrassing consequences for politicians.

I enjoyed hearing the comments from Robert Novak about his conversion to Catholicism.
He was at at get-together and commented on a young lady’s crucifix. He asked if she
was a Catholic and she said," Yes, was he?" He replied that while he had been attending
Mass for a while, he was not Catholic. Her reply of “Life’s short.” prompted him to start
the process of becoming Catholic. LOL
May he rest in peace and his family comforted.


The funniest thing I remember about Novak was during the Eagleton imbroglio in 1972. He had reported (erroneously) about the senator’s emotional history and this and other things and resulting publicity got Eagleton thrown off the McGovern presidential ticket. Novak apologized for h is mistake during a lunch with Eagleton but afterward Eagleton said: “I felt like putting my foot up his …]!”

O, for the days of straight-talking politicians!

Why did I know your comment would be uncomplementary?..I almost ignored it.

I didn’t often agree with Mr. Novak’s analysis of the political news in Washington, but I did admire his passion and his defense of his views. His voice will be missed in America. May he rest in the peace of the Lord!

Because you’ve been here longer than a month?

Another straight talking quote by Eagleton:

“The people don’t know McGovern is for amnesty, abortion and legalization of pot,” the senator said. “Once middle America — Catholic middle America, in particular — finds this out, he’s dead.”

Then he was too big of coward to allow Novak to allow him to use the quote - but he eventually did anyway.

While visiting the Catholic Information Center in DC on K Street, I was happy to hear the clerk call out to the director/priest that a Mr. Robert Novak was holding for him. If he was in the process of converting, he was most certainly in good hands.

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