Robert Spencers Writings

I have been tuning into Kresta in the Afteenoon. He didn’t get to talk about a topic relating to Muslims on Monday, but I stumbled upon a blog talking about the talk that Dr. Peter Kreeft did about the ‘Phoneys’. It got me wondering. What would be robert spencers take on how viewing Muslims as terrorist is wrong. I haven’t read any of his books, and even though they want to open up and clarify misunderstandings, I just wonder if there may be the over arching theme of “hey this isn’t a peaceful religion, but…” I am wondering if he includes or comments on how misrepresenting all Muslims as dangerous is a bad idea.

The problem is with the Islamic dogma itself not with the Muslims.

Most Muslims don’t know their dogma thoroughly.

Robert Spencer does not make the claim that all Muslims are evil. He believes “The only good Muslim is a bad Muslim.” In other words, good Muslims are ones that because of ignorance or willfulness do not follow the teachings of the religion. The following link is a debate between Spencer and Kreeft about this where Kreeft concedes defeat.

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