Robert Sungenis

I’ve been really into Robert Sungenis’ work lately. I really like his apologetics and think he has one of the most sophisticated ways of expressing his arguments of all the apologists I listen to.

I have read mixed reviews about him here. And I’ve also heard that he has some negative views on the papacy prior to Vatican II.

Any thoughts and/or more info on this guy? He would be a prime candidate for Catholic Answers I would imagine…but apparently there’s some beef there? At least this is what I’m reading.

I thought that he’s done very well discarding any argument James White has made and got quite a chuckle out of his debate with CARM’s Matt Slick.


Sungenis is a controversial Catholic apologist because he rejects the theory of evolution and believes in a geocentric model of the universe. He is also critical of the State of Israel, Rabbinic Judaism, and Zionism (for which he has been wrongly accused of antisemitism).

I do not agree with his views on evolution or the geocentric model, and I do not see why they are part of Catholic apologetics. I do agree with his criticism of the State of Israel, Rabbinic Judaism, and Zionism, but, again, I do not to see what this has to do with Catholic apologetics. I do not deny his talents as an apologist and as a debater, but for the above mentioned reasons, I do not recommend his work to others.

His first few works – “Not By Faith Alone” and “Not By Scripture Alone” – were (and still are) great Catholic apologetics books. That’s why they have forewords from heavy hitters like Peter Kreeft and Scott Hahn.

As the years went on, though, he sort of went off the rails from mainstream Catholic apologetics with his views on geocentrism and Judaism. That’s why you are hearing mixed things about him.

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