Robert Zins have you guys heard of him

I am curious have the people on Catholic Anwsers ever debated a guy by the name of Robert Zins? what do you guys think about him? is he a anti-catholic wingnutter? or does he have at least something intelligent to say?

Mr. Zins misrepresents Catholicism as well as Protestantism.

does anyone have any examples of this then?

“Christian Answers” refuted?

This is a previous thread perhaps it will have answers to your question.

what ive meant is that this Robert Zins on the kook fringe of anti-Catholicism? sorta like dave hunt?

When it comes to Catholic teaching, Robert Zins should not be taken seriously. He grossly misrepresents Catholic teaching (i.e. Mary worship, Worship statues, etc. etc. etc.).
Not sure what you mean by kook fringe, there are a lot of preachers out there who play from the same playbook. Some protestants are more honest of course, but Zins is not one of them.

do you have any examples of him doing what you said he does, like a book or a video:confused: and by kook fringe i mean like spout off nonsensical conspriacy theories and make dumb strawmen

There are quite a few (almost a hundred) if you follow the link to the old thread above and then follow the links in that thread. Someone recently used some of those videos to tell us we are going to hell, blahblahblah and I listened to part of one (most of those videos are nearly an hour long) and not only are they tedious, they do misrepresent Catholic teaching. If I was given a moment and a fair chance I could refute the errors they are putting forth and I don’t think of myself as an apologist.

I think they arrogantly presume there isn’t any way that Catholics could be correct so they misunderstand what is simple and straightforward (but contrary to what they believe) so it gets all twisted.

If that’s your definition of kook fringe, Zins would surely fit in. You can find his nonsense on YouTube if you look for it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to know what the Catholic Church really believes, consult the Catechism. Or you could consult some good Catholic materials by John Martignoni, Scott Hahn, Peter Kreeft, etc.

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