Robin Williams Dead


I think what’s really touching everyone here is that, in spite of him being all too human at times, his death was something people have an unusual difficulty brushing off.

As a 90s kid, it comes from realizing how much of Williams’ work actually made up a surprising portion of my childhood! Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, and of course, Aladdin were all movies that I watched over and over on long afternoons. Believe me, I was sooner close to shedding some tears than casually dismissing him as another Hollywood obituary. I just can’t imagine my childhood without him in it. :frowning: (This is kind of shocking revelation when you’re somebody who normally scorns his kiddie years.)



Im confused, did he really die, or…??

I only ask because last night, I was reading that he is still alive, and somehow this inaccurate info got out…??

If he did die, I feel bad for his family and friends, but many Hollywood celebs have alot more to deal with than we think…they are bombarded everyday from all sorts of people, some wanting fame, some wanting money, most are not honest and will deceive at the drop of a hat, its no wonder Phillip Seymour Hoffman and others like him have the addictions they do! I dont think I could deal with the stress of being a major celeb in todays world.



Yes, he died. It’s not a hoax.



No hoax. He commit suicide.



So its everyone else’s fault he was depressed and drank? Thats the type of thinking that keeps you on the merry go around. Three trips to rehab this year, he was self medicating.



Really sad,

Jesus receive him into your Kingdom.

Holy Mary shelter his family under your mantle.



What a harsh thing to say. Obviously you have no understanding of deep depression. May God be merciful to him and may he find the peace he could not find on this earth.



Indeed, it isn’t the time to questions his life, actions, or choices.

Following someone’s death should be a prayerful and contemplative time IMO.



“Awakenings” was based on a book by Oliver Sacks based in turn on his real-life experiences as a psychiatrist (he’s the character played by Robin Williams).



May he rest in peace.



May he rest in peace.



I was so shocked when I heard about his suicide. :frowning: Given his often happy and childlike persona onscreen, I had no idea he was struggling with such strong depression and alcoholism. I suppose this goes to show that you can never tell what battles people are fighting against. It’s so sad, especially since some of his movies dealt with mental illness or suicide, but yet were so hopeful (Patch Adams, Dead Poet’s Society).

I will definitely miss him. I, too, watched many of his movies growing up. Rest in peace, Robin Williams. :gopray:



Thanks for that. I may read up on Sacks a bit now.

Robin did a fine job of making that character come alive in the movie. Whether or not he captured Sacks’ actual personality. Actually Robert Di Niro was superb in it … as were Penelope Ann Miller and Julie Kavner.

Awakenings was one of those movies that challenged me to be a better person. May that vitiate in Robin’s favor in the great evaluation. :sad_yes:

Sorry to hear the details of his apparent suicide. I was hoping somehow he’d just died in a way that looked like suicide but wasn’t. :crossrc:



Unless a person has been severely depressed, it is impossible to understand that darkness and pain. I do understand Robin Williams’ pain for I was severely depressed several years ago. Sometimes I think that very creative or smart people are more prone to having mental illness. Chemical imbalance? I don’t know. But I know that those types of people seem more sensitive and are harder on themselves. They think to much. They love to much. They care to much. And to themselves, they are never enough. They see the world a different way. Maybe words become feelings and colors sound like music. They notice the smallest things that to them then become worlds unto themselves. There is no way to understand a mind like that. They don’t understand themselves. I do know that depression is a real illness and because of that I believe God forgives that awful moment that you can’t take back. And there but for the grace of God go I.God completely healed me of my depression without medication or psycho babel. Maybe it truly is demons playing Russian roulette with a person’s soul. We will never know. But God is more compassionate and forgiving than any of us will ever understand. So I pray for Robin Williams’ soul and I hope for him to find peace.:signofcross:
God Bless



I agree with you.I have always felt such a deep sadness when hearing of a suicide.That an individual was in such deep pain and despair,that ending their lives was the only relief they felt they could get,is indeed hard to grasp.I agree that God in his mercy will take that into consideration.



Rest in peace.



You nailed it!



Eternal rest grant unto him o Lord.

Depression can be so powerful. It can be felt physically, mentally and spiritually. His pain is no more.

My prayers are with his family at this difficult time.



I met him in a bookstore and he was nice - took the time to speak with me. I always liked his movies and his comedy - he was so quick witted, and as others have said, could do all the different voices and styles. Rest in peace.




He did seem like a kind genuine human being. I liked some of his work, not all of it. It was hard for me to watch him in interviews when he was hyper and manic.

He had an interesting childhood. His dad was a detroit auto exec I believe and his mom an ex-model. He and christopher reeve both were students at julliard together. I think he had a privileged upbringing and from what I have heard he worked very hard earning money for charities and he also entertained the troops.

I think he was a private person. I didn’t realize he had been married 3 times.

I remember the tragic murder suicide of phil hartman and his wife.
Maybe he wondered what his life would have been like if he had never gone into show business. I think he felt trapped, tired and overwhelmed.


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