Robin Williams Defends Catholic Bashing

You can never win with these people. :mad:


I know… I was so looking forward to seeing the movie but in good conscience I can’t now!!! I am so mad!!! Robin Williams may have thought he was being funny but I thought it was rather offensive.

He is selling a product called controversy. Nothing is sacred, except perhaps, people who will “blow you up.” :slight_smile:

I really miss real comedians like Red Skelton; they were about clean humor, family and fun. “Good night, and God bless.”

God bless,

And how about Jack Benny, his violin and his Maxwell, or Bob Hope.

At first glance I thought you wrote Benny Hill. shakes the sleep from her eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really expect Robin William to care about offending Catholics. He’s just a comedian who’s in it for whatever laughter he can gather. Definitely not a role model of any sort.

Same here :frowning:

Generally - if he’s not doing a cartoon voice - you can bet he’s offending somebody if not everybody.

Is he a funny comedian? - yes.
Is he an authority on religion? - not in the least.
Is he a Hollywood celebrity? - Yes. and that’s says it all.

I know this doesn’t solve anything, but maybe we can settle this over a Catholic/Jewish comedy showdown. Conan O’Brien is a regular church-goer from what I hear.

Maybe it will make Abraham Foxman and Bill Donahue have a beer and a hug!

I doubt that the latter will ever happen. The “Honorable” Abraham Foxman is STILL fuming of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Does anyone truly believe that Foxman will ever get over it? Also, if the likes of Robin Williams and Bill Maher continue receiving applause for bashing Catholic and Catholicism, does anyone really believe that THEY will “cease and desist” so long as anti-Catholicism exists? Personally, I doubt it. :twocents: [SIGN]:frowning: [/SIGN]

No, it probably won’t. But why is Abraham Foxman sticking up for Jews in Hollywood? I would bet that if you ask an Orthodox Jew as to how many Jews there were in Hollywood, he would probably say very few because many of them are secular.

Where did you hear that about O’Brien?

I think we need to pray for Robin Williams.

He’s been around for years, so we’ve had a lot of chances to see him. I honestly think he has some kind of illness or perhaps an addiction.

During interviews, he flits from subject to subject with no connection between the subjects. He doesn’t really respond sensibly to anything that anyone says. He seems to be in his own world all the time. I’ve never seen him serious for more than a few seconds, and then he becomes so emotional that he cries.

I’ve seen autistic kids who have those personality traits. Also, I have a schizophrenic friend (institutionalized) that I have visited weekly for decades, and when she isn’t compliant with her meds, she reminds me of Robin Williams. And I know that people on cocaine behave this way.

If it were just an act, I think that once in a while, we would see the real personality. But we never see anything except the “act,” so I don’t believe it’s an act.

I think that Williams has something not quite right in his life, and we need to pray that someday, he will receive the help and healing he needs.

My brother went to AMDA and he told me that he sees him in church whenever he goes. (I assume he goes every Sunday)

He goes to The Church of St. Paul the Apostle

I have never been a fan of Robin Willams. His hyper-schizophrenic schtick has no appeal to me whatsoever. As far as the movie, nothing like a good controversy to sell tickets:rolleyes: .

Yes, controversy is used to sell tickets.

My daughter works in theater. One of the theaters in town always does controversial works (e.g. The Last Temptation of Christ). This group LOVES it when there are protests and letter-writing campaigns because it means MORE TICKET SALES!

And we wonder why 9/11 happened.

Conan O’brien is the funniest man alive. And yeah, He’s catholic. He had priests on his show once.

He may have a problem and I agree we need to pray for him, but I think he has shown a serious side in some of the roles he’s played, like the World According to Garp or, more recently, Insomnia. He would have to have some self-discipline to make so many successful movies.

Not that I’m defending in any way what he in his recent comments. Clearly he is a flawed person, as we all are. I just don’t think he’s completely psychotic either.

I agree. I believe he knows exactly what he’s doing/saying , after all, he was already quoted as saying something like you can’t make fun of Muslims but you could Catholics because they wouldn’t blow you up.

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