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What do think God thinks about rock, jazz, contemporary, lite rock, industrial, classical, alternative or just about any other music you can think of ?:hmmm:

On Friday I was at our parish priest’s home for dinner. We talked about music for a bit. He mentioned that percussive music is frequently used to get an emotional response. Thus, it has the potential to be manipulative. This is one of the reasons that these kinds of instruments were not part of the liturgy unless there is a particular reason for them.

In general, I’d think that Our Lord would frown on music used as a way to promote things contrary to the gospel and things manipulative.

I couldn’t tell you what God thinks, but there is nothing intrinsicly wrong with any type of music per se. Of course lyrical content and the lifestyle associated with certain types of music may be immoral. ALL music is potentially evocative, not just percussion. I’m not sure what you mean by manipulative because it can’t make you do something you don’t want to.


The sound or the type of music is not really the issue, its just a sound. The lyrics and the intention/idea behind the music is the problem. Sure, music does sway our emotions (emotions are not good or bad, they just are) its what those emotions lead us to do thats important. If music, in any form, can incite us to love God or express our love for Him on a deeper level, how can that be bad? My husband plays in a Christian rock band (all but one member are Catholic) I sing in the church choir, with both the music is directed to and for God. In ancient times the Greeks used to play music in the Phryigian mode to the troops before battle, to incite them to be violent. I think God is more interested in what our intentions are rather than the exact way we express ourselves.

I personally love rock, heavy metal, ska and swing. all of it is Christian, and thats all I listen to(i listen to country too). i believe that all music, like art, will be liked/disliked by different people for different reasons. why would God care what music is used if it glorifies Him?

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Since we know that God makes all things good, perhaps the next question should be “Would God like what we have done with music?”

Fr. John Corapi was discussing the special “talents” of angels and remarked that one of Lucifer’s talents, or tools, was the use of music. He can use it to corrupt and deceive, especially the young.

Fr Corapi also said, that in his younger days, he was personnally there when groups like Black Sabbath would dedicate their music and recording sessions to Satan. They know what they are doing and who their target audience is and how to get to them.

Give me Gregorian Chant at Mass, classical once in awhile, and old Neil Diamond stuff almost anytime. (oops, showing my age)


I will go out on a limb here and say that God loves the great works of the masters: Bach, Mozart, Haydyn, Vivaldi, Beethoven, et al… Especially the great choral music of the church. THIS IS THE BEST MUSIC EVER MADE FOREVER AND EVER AMEN!!!

(Closely followed by The Beatles, the Stones, CCR, Led Zepplin, David Bowie, and the White Stripes. :wink: )

Certainly God does not mind any kind of music, so long as it is pleasing and glorifying Him. Of course, all music has a psychological effect on the listener. Department stores, restaurants and other businesses know this very well. Music evokes an deep, subconcious emotional response. So, there is an appropriate time and place for kinds of music.

This applies to worshiping our Lord as well. In Mass, Our Lord is adored and glorified with contemplative hearts, a deep communication of the soul. Thus, it is important to have music to foster such contemplation, such as Gregorian Chant and traditional hymns. Perhaps our liturgists should remember the necessity of contemplation when thinking up such novelties as Jazz Masses, Rock Masses, and whatever new fashion is in place, and seriously consider developing new styles of music which are suitable to the Mass, or sticking to the tried and true.

In Christ,

The Augustinian

He probably wears earphones to drown out the earthly music so he can enjoy the heavenly choirs of angels

[quote=faithbound]What do think God thinks about rock, jazz, contemporary, lite rock, industrial, classical, alternative or just about any other music you can think of ?:hmmm:

You could ask the same about different styles of architecture, Gaudi vs. Frank Lloyd Wright, different styles of art, pointism vs. abstract, even literature Dickens vs. Grisham. I think as a creator God loves those who participates in the creative process. Love and goodness creates, evil and hatred destroys. The question should be does it create or does it destroy. The style in itself does not destroy it’s what is done in that style that creates or destroys.

[quote=MrS]Since we know that God makes all things good, perhaps the next question should be “Would God like what we have done with music?”

Amen to that!

Give me Gregorian Chant at Mass, classical once in awhile, and old Neil Diamond stuff almost anytime. (oops, showing my age)


Now that’s my style too…along w/ a little Palestrina…

This is an important question that I think Catholics shrug off too lightly. Although my music collection is large and varied (from punk to classical), I remain ambivalent about the question.

There was a time when I listened to nothing but “Christian” music (when I was 16 and a buddy of mine and I burned all our “secular” music in my backyard).

There was a time as well when I listened only to classical music. I was influenced by Plato’s analysis of music in the Republic. His basic argument is that different kinds of music (not lyrics) affect the soul in different ways. Some, he argues, are detrimental to the soul–the Phrygian, if memory serves. I agree. And there is no doubt that music in itself can affect the soul–think of D’Souza’s marches or the energy in a crowd listening to punk/thrashin and moshing.

It is also a fact that Rock and Roll has the rythm, often times, of the sexual act. Now you may laugh, but it is true. Does that make it wrong or bad to listen to?

I don’t know…

Although if I had the courage of my convictions, I would argue that listening to certain types of music (even Barry Manilow, as one mentioned above) does have a negative affect.

Aside from this, we in the developed world need far more silence. Is anyone else out there addicted to noise like I am?


That just made me think of the line in the Breakfast Club…

“Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?”

I dont know either, I had this video that was being passed around called “They Sold Their Souls For Rock n Roll”…it went into detail about how detrimental certian types of music are, Ive been trying to develop a sensitive conscience towards this subject and tried to understand why I liked certain songs…Im leaning more toward the positive music these days but still love some of the old punk and classic rock, although if the content is totally immoral I will not listen to it…

Some songs get me pumped up, others make me feel romantic, others are depressing, others uplifting…some I use when I am fight training to make me feel confident or whatever, I know music is powerful I just dont understand what “Beat” or “Rhythm” is ‘dirty’ I guess.

I also remember reading about many of these things. The rap, and hard rock music young teens listen to you’ll find the lyrics are equally as bad as the loud obnoxious music.
I remember years ago studying some of the albums and musicians and the corruption from the eagles and hotel california to the beatles being backmasked. I also remember working at a concert hall and when Lallpalooza would come I would take tickets and you could hear the filth and immoral garbage coming out of these singers mouths. I could never begin to go into the sick and damented things that went on at these concerts.

My mother used to break our old 45’s if she saw or heard any garbage on them whatsoever. I also remember Jimmy Hendrix proclaiming his soul was sold to the devil for the ability to be on top for 10 years and how he died 10 years to the day. Strange as it may seem, even some of the old songs had a whole lot of garbage in them.
So when you listen to this stuff are you allowing your mind to be fed on God’s word or the mission of Satan?

You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything!

[quote=faithbound]What do think God thinks about rock, jazz, contemporary, lite rock, industrial, classical, alternative or just about any other music you can think of ?:hmmm:

Hey, if God like hearing me sing in church, He obviously doesn’t care about how anything sounds.

Personally, I believe any variety of music can be pleasing to God, so long as its content glorifies Him. As far as manipulation goes, any genre of music can manipulate. For those who know it, consider the awe and beauty of the Soviet national anthem (the melody) with the deplorable philosophy it promotes (“O Party of Lenin, the strength of the people/To Communism’s triumph lead us on.”) I have heard it said that the Soviet anthem oudoes even many of our modern hymns in beauty. Consider also the inspirational and invigorating melody of the martial anthem “Internationale”, and its even more vivid description of communism. Consider also Hitler’s outrageous abuse of classical music to promote Naziism. The bottom line: any genre of music can manipulate people, or can just as easily serve to promote the culture of death as to glorify God. We shouldn’t judge an entire genre by some of the deplorable actions of some artists therein. There are many good Christian artists who want to reclaim these genres for Christ, and they need all the support they can get.

I hope this helps,
Ryan King

Well I hope God likes our band, because we are a Catholic band and we are doing it for him

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