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I’ve heard there are dangers with listening to rock music-can anyone tell me why?

I find that coming home after school all day, it’s nice to play xbox and listen to some Blink 182, Rage Against the Machine, or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What’s wrong with this?

The only thing that I can come up with is that if you have it turned up too load you might hurt your eardrums. Seriously though, I personally don’t find the genre of music inappropriate but may find the lyrics to some songs distasteful. If there’s no profanity, no glamorizing of inappropriate behavior, and no sexual connotations to the lyrics, I’m fine with it. :thumbsup:

Two words: Absolutely nothing.

We recently went in-depth about the “dangers” of rock in this thread:

Enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not religious whatsoever. But, I am a huge rock fan.
All music is a show of emotion and can reach out to people in the darkest of times. It can inspire people and has, in the past encouraged people to help less fortunate people. Rock music also does this! For example, Linkin Park, The Little Things Give You Away. Which is a very touching song. But, keep listening to good music:] (Y)

I do not see a problem listening to this music. I like Ave Maria and other hymns but if I am mountain biking or something like that I need a little more energy music

RAge Against the Machine are pretty communist but as long as you don’t agree with communism and just are listening to them cause it sounds good it’s ok?
This needs clarification…

Nothing wrong with it, but I’m a bit anal when it comes to selecting what artists I’ll support. For example, I like this one electronic artist, but I haven’t listened to his music ever since I watched an interview where he was wearing a hoodie that had a goat’s head and pentagram logo on the front of it. He’s clearly showing which banner he stands under. What a loser.

I didn’t know that haha-I don’t really get into the ‘politics’ or lives of bands at all-if the musics good ill listen.

I’m actually more of a techno guy myself. Just as long as it’s not new-agey, I’m fine with it.
The problem is not rock but heavy metal. that stuff is SATANIC, and it can really wreck your brain. Look at guitar hero: Pentagrams, Face paint, weird.
Stay away from metal and you’re good, just as long as you know what the lyrics say.:thumbsup:

Oh please, I’ve seen pentagrams in cutesy shows like Cardcaptor Sakura and they’re far from satanic. :rolleyes: As for face paint, are you going to say the same thing about clowns? :stuck_out_tongue: My only issue with metal is how it involves excessive screaming but I guess some people just have a thing for that. That’s not enough for me to condemn it though. :rolleyes:

Death metal/Black metal is more “growling” than screaming if you will, but I don’t see anything wrong with a particular style of singing, genre or sound. It’s what the messge the artist is putting out in the lyrics that matters. Minfd you, I’m not a metal head or into any satanic metal, lol

Cardcaptor Sakura is about Witchcraft. A lot of japanese shows for kids happen to have satanic stuff in it. Pentagrams are satanic period, as are hexagrams, which also appear in a lot of magic-related japanese shows. Don’t get me wrong, I may not be an anime fanboy, but I’m not a hater either, and am currently watching Shippuden and I love anything that has to do with Super Robots.
But you have to be careful with the japanese stuff. Look at Shin Megami Tensei. SATANIC.
And face paint isn’t bad, just weird.
Trust me, I’ve studied symbolism and world mythology, and I know what I’m talking about.

Dude, the magic in Cardcaptor Sakura is nothing like the crazy satanic stuff you’d see in a Marilyn Manson music video. :rolleyes: And if you looked closer, the pentagram that symbolizes Clow doesn’t even come close to that of satanism. Let’s not even start with how certain symbols themselves could never be inherently absolute in meaning. Take the swastika for example.

However, let’s talk this over in a more appropriate thread. I made it specifically because I’ve been running into a lot of people lately who think like you do when it comes to “magic”.

Um. Hexagrams are satanic? :ehh:

Also, pentagrams have been used to represent the five wounds of Jesus.

And I don’t particularly like heavy metal, but I don’t see how a musical genre can be satanic. Perharps bands within the genre fit the “satanic” stereotype, but I don’t think it’s fair to make a blanket statement like that.

Trust me, I know my stuff.
The pentagram, the upside-down star, is a courruption of the upright five-pointed star. Likewise, the Hexagram is a courruption of the Star of David.
In many Japanese shows that are brought to the US, any satanic material is censored, turning upside-down pentagrams into right side up stars. Hence the “okay” pentagrams in Sakura, I’m assuming because I don’t watch that kind of anime.
But I can see your point. Thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it.

also, those shows may use those symbols but the don’t necessarilly mean it in a satanic way. For instance, I think it was “name I dont remember’s floating castle” or whatever some kind of anime movie where theres this genie dude called “Calcifer” which almost sound like Lucifer but the people who made the movie probobaly just thought it sounded cool since there wasn’t any satatnic content in the movie.

You forget, pentagrams are also shapes produced in your typical Geometry class when studying about polygons and its also found in things such as permutation circles. So like I said, a symbol is not inherently absolute in its meaning. Take the dragon for example, in the Medieval west it was considered a symbol of satan. In the Oriental east however, it is a symbol of power and authority. Another example is the cross, which was considered, even in the early days of Christianity, as a symbol of the painful form of execution it represented.

My only suggestion to you would be not to be afraid to watch anime like Card Captor Sakura. The “magic” in it (along with similar other anime) is so far off from the actual occult garbage we have here in the real world that it makes me prefer the fantasy version thank you very much. :rolleyes:

If you wish to talk about this more, just post it in the thread I mentioned. I really don’t like being off-topic. :o


I believe you’re referring to Howl’s Moving Castle. :nerd:

While I don’t think it is dangerous, you may want to look at the lyrics of some of those artists more closely. Both RHCP & RATM have songs with anti catholic lyrics(eg. ashes in the fall & catholic school girls rule), so it just depends if you want to support those bands. I don’t know about Blink, I’ve never listened to them.

Just cause you listen to these bands doesn’t mean you support their ideas, I just listen cause it sounds good but I do prefer lyrics I agree with. also, you don’t have to listen to a specific anti Catholic song since a particul;ar artis has many more without that kind of message. I would guess blink has some sexually immoral lyrics as do most average pop-punk bands do…

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