Rock of Ages

Has anyone seen Rock of Ages? Loved it! Nostalgic for me, though, as those are the songs of my era. )

No interest in seeing it. I will not support Tom Cruise or Alec Baldwin.

If I feel nostalgic I will listen to the original songs.

like what songs?

My older two kids and I are looking forward to seeing this. :slight_smile:

Until just now, the only thing I knew about this movie was that a couple Facebook friends liked it and it had to do with 80’s music. You’ve stripped away any interest I might have had in seeing it.

I’m not a fan of either one of them personally, but I love their movies! They are both quite talented. I loved the music in this movie!! For the person who asked, it was primarily late 80s stuff: Journey, Def Leppard, Guns N Roses,etc.

I saw the musical on stage some months ago,i enjoyed it

at the end they played ‘dont stop believing’ ,was great

i havnt seen the movie

Tom Cruise and Russell Brand killed any interests I had to see the movie.

Gotta agree with ya, there. Cruise is a bloated, arrogant, self-righteous “Christian” Scientist, who thinks he is the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to psychiatry and mental health, in general. Just can’t watch the guy…

Love the music, though.

Scientologist, not Christian Scientist

Thank you, anp1215. I stand corrected. But my song remains the same…

Yes, I think both religions are…weird (trying to be nice), but Scientology is much…nuttier. I sincerely hope Katie Holmes is able to distance the Scientology effect on their daughter now that they have split up. And return to the Church.

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