Rock=The Devil's Music?

I like a lot of christian rock bands like Pillar and POD, and I also sometimes listen to Power FM (though they like to play a lot of softer music) but I also listen to a lot of secular music. Personally, I have no problems with it but some hardcore christians (I’m catholic) get REALLY worked up over anything with an electric guitar in it. I listen to The Eagle and The Edge and the only people who seem to mind are Christians. If anything, they should be chasing after rap.

Long story short, why do Christians not like rock?

NOTE: I didn’t put this in the sticky because it’s a question, not a suggestion. The sticky actually reinforces my question…

I say that some Christians don’t like hardcore rock because of the lyrics or the lifestyles of the people in the bands themselves ( or both). I am Catholic Christian and I too have had a dilemma with the kind of music I have chosen or choose now to listen to. I grew up with metal music, and I called this to the attention of my confessor once. I do have a problem with the lyrics, and he agreed the lyrics and the lifestyles of the rock musicians are the only problems with rock music itself—but there are some questionable lyrics in almost every genre of music—not just ones with “electric guitars” or metal music.

I was evangelical Protestant for over 40 years, and my husband was raised Pentecostal.

The main reason why Christians are suspicious of rock is that it is, by definition of rockers themselves, the “music of rebellion.” And as you know, rebellion was the sin that felled Lucifer and his demons.

I think that even among Christian rockers (musicians and fans) there is an element of “rebellion.” There is the idea that “other Christians have to accept us” and “rock music IS just as good as other Christian music.”

I personally do not believe that any musical style is “bad” or “good.” I realize that this is not the traditional Catholic viewpoint, which holds that certain music is appropriate for the liturgy and certain music is not. I believe that’s true of certain songs, but not of musical styles. It’s just my opinion, though, and I would submit to the Church if they were to ban “rock” music–IF they could pin down what actually constitutes “rock” music! (Bwoo ha ha!) So far, the Church has remained rather non-committal about musical styles and I’m GLAD! I think this shows wisdom, since it is hard to define musical styles.

It would be hard to think of Herman’s Hermits as being somehow the agents of Satan.

Perhaps the agents of snooze. . .

Hey, I play in a little hobby band. We mostly do pop, lightweight love songs. People like this stuff. Like anything, there are rock artists who get excited by the “power of darkness” stuff, or who want attention, etc. But it’s a pretty big swing to claim all rock is like this. How about “Yesterday” by the Beatles?:slight_smile:

:shrug: I’m a Christian and I like rock.

The problem with such statements as “rock=the devil’s music” is that rock is such a broad category of music. People use it to refer to anything from Simon & Garfunkle to Death (the band, not the genre). It’s hard to make any statement that applies equally to every “rock” band (except maybe to say that they are all musicians).

My question is always, what is it specifically that makes the music inherently evil (which is what I would assume it would have to be in order to be “the devil’s music”)? It seems there could only be two answers: the lyrics or the music.

If the answer is “the lyrics”, well then what about all the other genres of music with equally bad lyrics, or what about the rock bands that have Christian lyrics?

If the answer is “the music”, then is there a specific instrument that is inherently “evil” or is it only the way it’s played? For this to be true, then it would seem to imply that there are specific frequencies of sound that are owned by the devil.

To me, it all seems a bit silly. The more reasonable answer is that it is all about how it is used. Any type of music can be used for evil purposes. Likewise, any type of music can be used for good purposes. Certainly, different types of music have different psycholgical effects on the listener. But it seems far-fetched to assume that any genre of music is inherently of the devil.

Of course, we all crave what is beautiful, and, ultimately, what is beautiful is what will last. A priest I greatly admire was once approached by a college newspaper who played for him a death metal song about necrophilia and asked for his response. Obviously, they were trying to goad him into some sort of passionate condemnation. Instead, he answered simply that such things do not concern him too greatly. If it is beautiful, it will last. If it is not, it won’t.

I laugh when Christians deride rock but yet listen to Country music-as if that isnt filled with:

booze, etc…I guess a slide guitar over an electric guitar coupled with pounding drums makes it okay to be a hypocrite when dishing out blanket statements about the evils of rock n roll :wink:

amen amen amen!!!

For a long time, Jazz was the devil’s music, and the sax, not the electric guitar, was the suspicious instrament.

Some people define themselves in terms of what they are against instead of what they are for-- rather sad.

I agree…and I AM FOR: Rock, Country, etc.

Some of the best songs in any genre deal with all kinds of sin, some do not. I like either regardless what it depicts.

We’re sinners, its life, music portrays that.

If the lifestyles of rock musicians makes thier music evil, then why isn’t the same standard used for artists, writers, politicians, news anchors, cooks, construction workers… Man, you wouldn’t be able to do anything! Since I know athiest construction workers who build houses that do not inspire the denial of God, I’m pretty sure that hedonistic musicians can construct songs that do not inspire hedonism.
Music in itself is a good, therefore from God. Of course all goods can be abused.
Even bands with a bad rap can have good songs. Take Black Sabbath for example, go and listen to the song ‘After Forever’ and try and tell me otherwise. (from Master of Reality)

If you want to say that death metal= devil music then :thumbsup:

Yes rebellion was the origional sin, but was Moses sinful for rebelling against pharoa? Or what of the prophets and the levitical priesthood? Or Elijah and Jezebel. Or the early christians and the eatablishment. Yes rebellion against God is evil, but I rebel against Satan. Is that evil?

Look at what Rock ‘n’ Roll means.

My son is no longer into rock music at all - although that may be partly to do with his job!

Unless it’s specifically mentioning worshipping the devil, it is not the devil’s music.

No wonder the old timers hated it.

That’s not to say that anything with a rhythm and blues beat, or a steady, syncopated rhythm is automatically evil. The style has taken on the moniker. I;m pretty sure there is racy folk music, opera and even classical music. Why, I think I sang some of them in voice class.

My husband loves salsa music, with a beat similar to rock and roll. I never heard such innocent songs in my life, even polka. Why, all they sing about are fruits, and chickens, and … well…

One should ask oneself if they should listen to secular music in general. My rule of thumb is: is this edifying, or does this cause me to move away from the Lord? Secular music, in general, moves me away. Music about God, rock or otherwise, moves me closer. Of course sacred music is the best of all.

I think some people are comfortable in their narrowmindedness, though, and elevate their own tastes to a religious level to mask their spiritual pride. I’ve noticed that people do that with food, medicine, clothes, and other things as well. :rolleyes:

Hi all. I’m 26 years old and growing up it was heavy metal or rap for the most part. Although I liked country and some classical as well (which I still do). My personal observations on this topic is that I try and stay away from such music, whether it be secular or “religiously themed.” Although if I catch a relaxed song I might listen to it.

To me at least, it’s about the mood it puts me in, as well as what kind of attitude I have after it. Like metal for instance, while there are (believe it or not) heavy metal “christian” bands out there, I do not listen to them, as the music gets my blood pumping too much and before I know it I’m head banging a little, which isn’t exactly a model of “peace”.

Rap and R&B tends to be a very sensually oriented music. The pulsing beats have a tenancy of pushing the “erotic” into the mind. Plus most of the lyrics in rap music glorify terrible sins (greed, lust, lust, greed, anger/violence, lust, greed, even racism finds it’s way into some).

So while I don’t know if I’d put it that the devil owns certain frequencies…there are plenty of them that can open a person up to the devil’s whispers all the more though.

There was a documentary put out called, “They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll.” It’s posted on Google Vids, while I’m not one to go into it as deep as they do, it does at least help balance out the view that the music of the mid-late 20th century til now is somehow benign (including the Beatles and other “softer” music).

(For the record though, I don’t agree with all the doctrines of their church, as I’m speaking with a Priest about joining the Catholic Church! :slight_smile: )

Yeah I hear all of you—sensible things everybody contributed. I know I made a sweeping statement and said “the lyrics bother me” which sounded as if ALL rock lyrics bother me, but that isn’t correct. Some do, because* some *glorify sins, just as you mention Northstar. good point.

As far as lifestyles are concerned, I agree that our personal lifestyles don’t make our work—whatever it is----evil or good. I was again not clear in what I said, since I don’t make the best statements at times. I am just concerned for my own kids not to confuse the art with the person—a musician can make great music, but the musician themselves may not have the kind of lifestyle we would want to emulate.

My kids KNOW I like and listen to some metal music, and that I don’t think ALL lyrics are okay, and neither do they—but some are great just as someone else here mentioned.

Oh and God bless you on your Journey into the Caatholic Faith, Northstar!:wink:

Thank you, and thanks be to God.

I have nothing against rebellion actually. If you think about it, be a christian or even have morals in our society is rebellious. It’s not following what most people consider normal anymore. So I’m a rebel and proud of it:thumbsup:

But what about Mortification? :wink:

I get what you’re saying. The most important thing in regards to music is to know yourself and the way it affects you. I know some people who lived hedonistic lives as teens and thus cannot listen to any music they used to (whether metal or rap) because the music takes them back to that time. Then there’s my wife who, though she does not have a checkered past, such music just makes her feel completely unsettled. For me, it doesn’t do that at all.

Just a general comment, though. I don’t think being Christian means we have to be mellow all the time. There’s nothing wrong with the occassional head-banging. :banghead: :wink: Now, if that “blood pumping” is leading to other potentially sinful things, then it’s good to avoid it, but by itself, I don’t think it’s necessarily bad.

I say this as a person who is fairly mellow and for whom metal music holds no negative associations with any checkered past. If not for the metal, I’d be so mellow I’d have probably lapsed into a coma by now. :sleep: :slight_smile:

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