Rocky Marriages- Prayer Suggestions?


Okay Guys I need your help. I know of two marriages that are going through some rocky times. I want to help and be supportive of them so is there a prayer/novena that I can say for their specfic marriages?




St. Monica and St. Therese are both very powerful intercessors for troubled marriages…



i really want to be there for these couples without getting involved. We all know that prayer matters!


A very devoted priest once told me in regard to a “rocky patch” (very troubled waters) of my marriage, “My secret weapon is praying to St. Joseph.” He went on to speak of the role of St. Joseph in the family (married) life.

St. Joseph did not fail:thumbsup:


I have always found it helpful to pray the Rosary for situations like this…our Blessed Mother was so mindful of the importance of a good marriage…she is a wonderful intercessor, and just waits for us to ask for her prayers.


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