ROCOR Sarum Rite

Here is a link to one reconstruction of Old Sarum. ROCOR has two in use. What do traditionalists RCs think of something like this?

I would attend if I knew of one in my area.

No desire to attend. I already have the TLM. Besides ROCOR isn’t Catholic.

Well, that’s a stickler. Because there are few canonical W Rite parishes using it and the Milan crowd should be avoided. But that site is from a monastery in Australia and I know of a parish using it in Texas, have its pics, very nice, but this forum doesn’t allow pics to be posted. I believe that Old Sarum blows the doors off the Tridentine Rite.

Here are some more ROCOR Sarum photos. Isn’t it uncanny how the E Rite and W Rite were so much alike before the schism? Notice how different this rite looks than the Tridentine Rite, how much more authentic.

According to St. Vincent Lerins the Catholic Faith is that Faith which is held everywhere at all times by all. Deviations from that faith imply a lapse from what is Catholic. So too innovations. ROCOR, by that standard is quite Catholic, for it holds to the Catholic Faith of the Seven Ecumenical Councils unadulterated and without innovations.

The Tridentine Rite doesn’t hold a candle to this.

Aside from your teachings on such things as divorce, contraception, rebaptism, toll houses…

and the fact that the ROC didn’t even exist back then.

St. Cyprian of Carthage is pretty clear on his teaching on Baptism and that is amplified by St. Basil the Great. So our teachings on Baptism are the Catholic teaching. Yes, the See of Rome did most certainly exist back then and was Catholic and Orthodox. Our teachings on divorce and contraception mirror those of the Roman church, save for we allow for divorce in terms of spousal abuse and abandonment as well as for adultery as did the Church in Apostolic Times. Holy Pope Gregory the Great for one taught the Orthodox and Catholic teaching of the Toll Houses. I think that says enough about them being held as the Catholic eschatology in the Western Church prior to the schism.

The Sarum Use does make its appearance in the Roman Catholic Church at times:

It is true that there is a Sarum Rite that is occasionally celebrated in the Roman church, but it has been subjected to numerous reforms which make it hardly distinguishable from the Tridentine Rite. While reconstruction of this rite as has been done in these photos provides a greater richness and authenticity to the rite and something which should be considered in the post conciliar adaptations of Novus Ordo and the liturgical conversation going on today. It is a rich Orthodox liturgy and statement of Western liturgical commonality with the East prior to the Schism. Wouldn’t you want that as a basis for dialogue and unity with the Orthodox?

Many other interesting rites in the Western Church, such as the Mozarabic rite.

Yes, the Gallican and Milanese as well, which was the Imperial Rite, but Sarum is very much like the Rite of Rome with a slightly Gallican ordo.

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