Rod Blagojevich appeal is 'extraordinary,' prosecutors say (+video)


Folks, you can’t make up this kind of stuff. Disgraced and convicted former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich argues in his appeal that “pay for play” is Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) in politics, and that he had no idea that it was criminal conduct to sell the former US Senate seat of Barack Obama for financial or political gain, even though he was an attorney.

If I got to make the rules, he would get additional prison time for wasting court resources with this kind of garbage.:mad:


Rod’s right that it IS standard operating procedure in Illinois. Most are just better at covering their tracks, apparently.


It might be SOP but it doesn’t mean it is moral. I doubt he was unaware that what he was doing was criminal in nature. Being a liar also seems to be SOP for a lot of political figures. It is garbage to say the least.


Where he made his mistake was in imagining that his office gave him more power than that which the Obama people had. They told him to appoint Valerie Jarrett in exchange for nothing but their thanks, and he didn’t. So, they sent him to “sleep with the fishes” politically and personally, “pour encourager les autres”.

Sure he’s corrupt. So are they all. He’s at least right in that. One hopes he is in a position to tell where a lot of skeletons are buried, but one doubts he was ever that much on the “inside”.


Free James Traficant (D-OH)!!! I miss his tirades and his hair.


If he’s got nothing to lose, maybe he will start talking. I personally think he knows enough to get some very close to the president in big trouble.


I am sure he knows a lot of interesting things, but he also has zero credibility. In court it would be the word of someone presumed innocent against the word of a proven liar. That would make a conviction very unlikely unless his fellow criminals were also dumb enough to leave additional evidence laying around. I believe the Obama mob has a lot to hide, but they are better at hiding it than the ex-governor.


I think I’m going to take out a term life policy on old Rod.


You probably lack an insurable interest for your buddy, Rod. Otherwise, you would have really sound idea there.:slight_smile:

It would be a good idea if all Illinois prisons were required to include a governors suite. There just are not enough suitable residences for all the criminals elected to that office in the Land of Lincoln.


Make it a duplex: “Pre-conviction” and “Post-conviction”


That makes a lot of sense. Maybe the governor’s mansion should have a dungeon in the basement for the former governors. That way current governors could have easy access to former governors for advice on how to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors.

Governor Quinn should probably be picking the colors for his cell right now.


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