Rod Woodson's hall of fame speech

NFL Legend and now hall-of-famer Rod Woodson was inducted into the Hall of Fame today in Canton, Ohio.

I’ve heard most people mention thanking God, thanking Christ and moving along immediately, but Woodson put a lot of heart into it.

First, I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ, he’s my savior. He died for my sins and my salvation, and really without him i would not be here. he believed in me when i wouldn’t believe in myself. I’ve lived in this world for a long time and I truly thank him for Guiding me for so long and keeping me safe even when I really didn’t realize it was him. I really thank him and really without his mercy and his love, and his compassion for me as a person, as a human being as one of his children, I wouldn’t be here. So I say thank you Jesus.

He went on to mentions all of us working together in the body of Christ while quoting an english clergyman (didn’t give the name), gave great words of encouragement to kids growing up in bi-racial homes (Woodson was one of those children), and ended the speech by saying, “Choose Christ over the world.”

Always a classy guy. And this speech solidified that, in my mind.

I’ll second that. He was a tremendous player, plus he drifted out to Oakland for a few years before he packed it in and was instrumental in their resurgence during the Gruden years and then their humiliation at that traitor’s hand in the Super Bowl after he jumped ship to Tampa Bay. My beloved Silver and Black have yet to recover.:okpeople:

As I recall, Rod Woodson was never numbered among the scandals that surround pro football. I’m sure there were always numbskulls, but it is entirely of a new order anymore. Shameless. Rod Woodson was an amazing corner, safety and punt returner and he more than deserves the HoF.

I respected his skills as a fotball player and now I respect him even more as a person.

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