Rodrigo Duterte's office denies he wants to kill bishops


The office of Rodrigo Duterte, the controversial Philippine president, on Thursday was forced to play down remarks he had made about killing bishops, claiming it was only “hyberbole” and not a genuine threat.

In a speech to local government officials on Wednesday, Mr Duterte, who has a running feud with the influential Catholic Church over its criticisms of his drugs war, lashed out again, calling it “the most hypocritical institution” and denouncing priests as “useless.”

“These bishops, kill them, those fools are good for nothing. All they do is criticise,” he said, according to the Rappler news site.

I sort of did not care to post it but I figured it is still newsworthy. Saying such things unfortunately, in our own country (meaning USA) might cause someone to act out in some dangerous manner. Perhaps in the Philippines, it is seen as largely talk.

Duterte himself, claims he was abused, see his wikpedia bio under “sexual abuse”:


Wait a few years when he approaches his final hour. Lets hope that he is able to reconcile himself with the Church.
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Hugo Chavez
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