Roe v Roe confession

The Roe in Roe v Wade was a woman called Norma McCorvey. She was the woman whose case was considered by the Supreme Court in 1970.

I have had it put to me on very many ocassions that the case should not have gone ahead as she has been pressurised into the position she found herself and had, in fact, been a life long opponent of abortion from that time. Which we now discover was ‘all an act’ sponsored financially by ultra-conservative groups such as Operation Rescue.

'Norma McCorvey, most notable for being the plaintiff known as Jane Roe in the 1973 landmark supreme court case Roe v Wade that led to abortion becoming legal in the United States, made a stunning admission just before her death in 2017, it has emerged.

“This is my deathbed confession,” she explained.

In a documentary that is premiering on Friday and is already making waves, McCorvey admits that her infamous reversal on abortion rights “was all an act”.

The documentary reveals McCorvey received at least $450,000 in “benevolent gifts” from the anti-abortion movement.

“I took their money and they’d put me out in front of the cameras and tell me what to say. That’s what I’d say,” she said.

She died a long time ago so why is this coming out now?


Not sure. Maybe the documentary will explain that.

If that’s the case. We should pray for her soul.


Very suspicious of all of this. “Conservative” money? Oh, sure. There is 1000X more progressive dollars behind abortion for profit. ‘Abortuary’ jobs on the line. An entire industry of the worst exploitation of women.

Rather, read Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s conversion. Or Abby Johnson’s. They were there.


There’s another thread on this going already. I’ll see if I can link it. I would also note that I think Catholics in general who are familiar with Roe and involved with opposing abortion know who Norma McCorvey was.

Here is the other discussion already going on. Norma’s longtime confessor has disputed the story, according to another source posted in that thread. In any event I think it’s time to let this lady rest in peace, she was used as a political football by both sides in my opinion and she had a lot of challenges in her life.


It seems odd that in the midst of all this, she gave up her lesbian relationship and converted to Catholicism.


The poor woman spent her life accused of being “used” by pro-choicers or “used” by pro-lifers. I believe the movie, Citizen Ruth, may be somewhat based on her. It’s totally worth seeing. Just be thick skinned when you watch it because both sides get mocked and stereotyped quite cynically.

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From what I have read of her, it seems like she was a bit of a loose cannon.
An interesting although tragic story.
However, her private opinions don’t represent the church or anything, so it’s too bad. Let God judge her, no one else can.

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It is unseemly to discuss this woman as if she were not a human being, with flaws and sin and goodness just like each of us. So happy I am not famous so people don’t go picking through MY life after I die!

I’d suggest two books for looking at the movements:


I watched the video trailer by FX and they say she reversed her position, but in the trailer, Norma McCovey doesn’t say it.

Maybe she did, but we won’t know until FX shows the video

McCovey did admit that she was never raped as she claimed and she wasn’t even pregnant at the time of Roe V Wade.

In other words, she was a confirmed liar and if this story is true, she’s not trustworthy.

Either way, she won’t change my position on abortion, which tore the nation apart.


Care to back that assertion with some hard data?

This makes me wonder, if it were true, why would they wait until she’s dead and can’t contradict them?
If they brought it out when she was alive and could confirm it, they would have made hay with it at the time.

Supposedly she’s on the video with this, so it doesn’t matter.

Yes, they’ve been able to do that for a long time. Did you see the video with Nat King Cole and Nataly Cole doing a duet? And the one with Elvis and Kid Rock, and many many others.
If it were true, they would have made hay with it when she was alive.

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I try to avoid the sin of credulity. Even if she was paid; even if she was used (as the abortionists “used” her back in 1970), does that negate what she said? Does that make abortion suddenly moral again?

All of the lefty rags are trumpeting this as though it is their own secular passion of the Roe.

I smell a Planned rat.


I mean that’s a possibility, that the pro-choice crowd was using her at the end just as the anti-abortion crowd had been using her apparently in decades past. But in the absence of evidence it’s unclear.

However we are left with apparently that she wanted an abortion in the 70’s, Roe v Wade happened, subsequently she was paid off unbeknownst to most, to and did change her tune for a number of years to being anti-abortion, and then near the end she switched back along with the minister who paid her off to be anti-abortion in the first place.

It’s not a comment on the morality of abortion or anything like that. But as I said earlier, it does take away at least one “weapon” anti-abortionists had used for years against the pro-choice crowd which was that Norma had a change of heart which according to her she ultimately did not. On that point at least the Pro-Choice supporters appeared to have been the recipients of her final word on the matter and will undoubtedly use it as their “weapon” as it was used against them.

As for my asking you to provide data, I was merely referring to your 1000X assertion regarding Pro-Choice spending v Pro-Life.

  1. I am against abortion not because of Norma McCorvey, but because it is wrong. Full stop.

Norma isn’t around to shed light on this, and I never met her, so anything I would do is just idle speculating.


She was not a reliable narrator. I’d take everything about that woman and all of her conflicting claims over the years with a huge grain of salt. It’s impossible to tell the lies from the truth as a result. She was troubled.


She had a very troubled past and led a life of much need and not much support. Her mental state and those around her as well as their influence answer a lot of the questions about what she did and why. I agree with what Coffee Fanatic said:

“She was not a reliable narrator. I’d take everything about that woman and all of her conflicting claims over the years with a huge grain of salt. It’s impossible to tell the lies from the truth as a result. She was troubled.”

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