Roe v Roe confession

I have long been opposed to either side of the abortion debate trying to score cheap political points off this woman.


Indeed, abortion would still be wrong if she had had one and vocally supported it until she died, so I don’t see why her stance is a big deal.


There’s a word for a person like her. Hypocrite. Shameful.

Such things often drive protestants and others to convert to Catholicism. Some convert due to marriage, but other like me who lived years deep in sin prayed successfully for help from God. Sin can be excruciatingly painful in every way you think of. God offers a way out.

In my own case, somehow I knew, at least for me, that the only way out of my pain, and the only way to God after begging for help, was to become Catholic and unburden myself through a priest directly to God. To be forgiven… I spent most of my life observing Catholicism through others.

To make a very long story short, I did of course finally become Catholic, and I did confess. I went to Mass… it was all an incredibly powerful and even bumpy experience. Becoming Catholic is the single best thing I have ever done in my life.

So I understand completely why she and others in such positions would convert. Spending an entire lifetime in heavy seas and storms finally to pull into THE port of refuge.

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