That is very persuasive is you ask me.


It’s really dumb, and shows a profound disrespect for God’s creatures.



I have seen that picture more times than I can count. My fav is the kitten dressed as rambo…

very funny!


How cute! Cathalig, how did we know that you would hate it? :rolleyes:


If this was meant to be funny, then I’m not laughing.


This is the version that I have seen.
Not sure if it is the “original”…


Oh you people are no fun. :frowning:


Of course. Dude, this is the Traditional Catholicism forum. There is no fun or laughter allowed. Only whining, sniveling, moaning and griping. Haven’t you been here for more than one day? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it a coincidence that Morris the Cat met his demise the day this photo appeared?


This is ridiculous! I am so sad to see that picture! It makes an absolute mockery of the Sacrafice of the Mass! The pastor should be ashamed and the bishop should have a strong talk with him! We must understand that it is not to get people to come to mass so we must make it fun! That is not the point! I am not laughing!


I don’t know. I don’t think that I’ve given the impression that I’m a PETA fan (I criticized them openly on these forums) nor do I think that I ever supported a liturgical abuse on these forums. So I have no clue how you knew that I would hate it - unless of course you thought I’d be one of those people that would see a picture of a person pointing a gun at an animal, a creature of god, as rather cruel, and overly violent.




of course this is a mockery of the sacrifice of Christ. Thankfully, this [old] photo represents a dying philosophy, and “clown Masses” are pretty much extinct.

It’s not bad to be reminded of the depravity we are capable of - especially if we think we are “in the clear”. Two ways to present these “skeletons in the closet”: beat it over people’s heads in a shameful manner, or gently remind them of the evil in a lighter context that gets the point across. I chose the latter.

Remember, peeps, there are those who look at the Mass and say, “It needs to conform to the worldly ways in order to be meaningful,” and then there are those who have said throughout history that, “The Mass gives us a break from the world and reminds us that there is a Heaven…and that we should be striving for that eternal home.”

Don’t be duped by the “ultra-practicalists”.


I’ve never attended a clown Mass and I always assumed that it was the priest dressed as a clown rather than liturgical vestments. In fact the clown seems to be running around the sanctuary, and there are also other clowns in the congregation.

Circus folk do of course need provision to hear Mass just as much as everyone else. But we are meant to take out labcoats off when we leave our workplace. You’d think the ringmaster would want to protect the costumes from wear and tear, if he has no interest in the Church.


or both




Please don’t tell me that is a catholic Mass - even the bread used looks wrong.



Nope, Episcopalian.



That looks like it took place in a beautiful Cathedral, too. The Anglican communion is really in the gutter.




I feel ya. Don’t worry guys. If I’m a priest (God willing), no cats will die under my care. Goldfish yes, but not cats.

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