Rogation days and Ember days?

I know the Rogation days are coming up… the 10th through 12th of this month. What are they and what do we do differently on these days?

Also if anybody can explain ember days that would help a lot!

Hopefully this will help if you haven’t see it already –

Rogation Days

Ember Days

Great resource. Thanks, I just re-learned some old facts and practices.

So then they’re both fasting, but for different intents? :confused: I’m trying to learn the traditions, but not looking forward to fasting three days in a row… I feel like I’ve missed something… :confused:

How much exactly do we fast during the Rogation days? I can’t seem to find an answer from the link.

‘Fasting’ is defined generally, I think, meaning it’s the same rules for every day that fasting is prescribed.

The definition (if memory serves) is one moderate ‘main’ meal and up to two smaller snacks that together don’t equal the amount you eat in the ‘main’ meal. Same as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Of course Rogation days aren’t mandatory, so it’s not like you’re obliged to fast at all, let alone fast in a particular way, unlike Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

This week is Ember week, to mark the start of summer and consecrate it to the Lord.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of Ember Weeks are traditionally days of fasting and abstinence (or partial abstinence in some places, including the United States). Observance of the fast has been voluntary for the past 40 years.

Rorate Cæli posted an interesting article from the Latin Mass Magazine on Ember days a couple years ago.

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