Roger Ebert and "Life Itself"

What is wrong with Gay rights? They are people too aren’t they? This country was based on equal rights for all. If you are a conservative then this issue should be your bread and butter, and yet when it comes to a minority you don’t like, you have no problem stomping on what it means to live in this great country. You say Ebert bashes conservatives…what are you doing when it comes to Gay-rights then…bashing their right to live like any normal human being. Unless of coarse you think they are less than human, in which case that is the worst kind of elitism.

I just had a close friend of mine kill himself after years of people telling him that he was less than a person, that he didn’t deserve the same rights as everyone else. Why would anybody want to make someone feel that way about themselves. Jesus was all about compassion and yet I see it being thrown out the window more and more by people who lay claim to all moral rights and yet don’t hold themselves to those same standards.

I will never understand the hypercritical nature of people when it comes to the homosexual argument in the bible. If we got this mad about everything else in the bible as we did about the homosexual passages then just think of what little rights women would have in this world. The bible is littered with passages with rules on what women can and cannot do. If we followed everything Leviticus said we wouldn’t be able to eat shellfish, wear gold jewelry, wear poly/cotten clothes, and there are countless others. In Deuteronomy it says that if any person in your family decides to worship another God than you have to kill that person. When do you decide to follow one rule but not the other? And if I use that passage as an example then I have to ask this…isn’t the choice to worship another god worse than say, a Gay person who is a christian, at least the gay person is praying in the same house as you. And yet we deliberately choose to take away basic human rights to that christian. So my final question is…if one doesn’t follow all of the rules but at the same time condemns human beings based on only certain rules that they make a deliberate choice to follow…is it God’s will or is it just the person’s own personal hatred of that minority? Honesty is the best policy

And I just want to say one thing, I am new to this site. I go to church just like everybody else on this site, I just have a different point of view. Sorry if I kind of went on a rant with the post above, but since I have been on this site I have seen just some really nasty and awful comments coming from people who say they are of faith. My comment wasn’t really to any one person, I was more or less expressing my disgust with what I have read so far all over this site.

I’m in total agreement and have had similar experiences-- thank you for this post.

Re which “rules” Catholics choose to follow that are derived from the bible…was each specific rule decided by whoever put the catechism together?
And what “rulebook” did Catholics follow before that?

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