Roger Waters(Pink Floyd fame) concert: BEWARE

My wife and I went to this concert tonight expecting to hear some old Pink Floyd music. The concert indeed starts that way…then he gets into big time ANTI-AMERICAN and ANTI CHRISTIAN MUSIC!!! We left half way through. Catholics and Christians beware!!!

How was it bad? My sister loves Pink Floyd. So do I, despite the fact that their lyrics make no sense:

“We don’t need no education.” - did you notice the double negative?

So did we “love” Pink Floyd…until his BLATANT anti christian remarks and song lyrics (and also anti american)

Also very cowardly. If you are going to be speaking/singing such…advertise it BEFORE the money for a ticket is laid down! Catholics/Christians beware…we ARE under attack!

If you ever find a news post, let me know.

What exactly did he say?

My brother called me last week from backstage at the concert, recalling how much I loved Pink Floyd when I was in High School. He called when they were playing stuff from Dark Side of the Moon. He never mentioned that the remainder of the concert was Anti-Christian, but 1) he’s not Christian, so it wouldn’t have offended him and 2) he knows how very Christian I am, so he would have known I would be offended, if it even occurred to him to notice what was being said.

I’m bummed to hear that this is what Waters is up to, but somehow, based on what I recall of where I was at when I was so entranced by their music, I suspected that I wouldn’t be enamored by them if I went to a concert now. - Although I appreciate the heads up, as I was somewhat tempted to go if they came this way. Now at least I’ll know not to bother even being tempted.


What did he say that was anti-christian?

we went to the concert, and for sure Waters does get on his soap box. I had a prior head up on this by looking at a concert reveiew.

And one has to remember that the Wall etc and stuff before does have politics and religion in them, just now Waters has updated it for now.

We discussed it while he was singing and going on about Bush blah blah comparing him to Stalin etc. We decided during intermission, that it wasnt so much that he said something, rather that it was boring and a typical rant that is echoed throughout the media.

It simply didnt make one “think” about any situations, it was a rant plain and simple. And we didnt clap btw.

The rest was great, and at the end when they play The Wall they are showing the new wall in Israel and if they had left the Bush pictures out (he was the only “figure” in it) that would have been ok given the context of the song, walls being built etc. It certainly came across as more thought provocating than the “lead by the nose ring” uninspiring party propaganda that was at the end of the first set.

Roger Waters has always been an avowed and vocal socialist, even in his Pink Floyd days. Much if not most of his music has reflected his political viewpoints, so I don’t think I would be shocked at what he did at that concert.

By the way, I was and still am a big Pink Floyd fan but I haven’t followed Waters since he left the group.



I saw Pink Floyd on their Momentary lapse of reason tour without Waters. You have got to see Gilmore live. Best hands in the buisness. Waters, I’ll pass. Tim

Were you at summerfest? We wanted to go!!! What was so anti christian and anti american?:confused:

He was comparing Bush to Stalin? I don’t recall members of being put in a gulag. I definitely don’t see 30,000,000 Americans dead yet.

actually Waters stuff I guess was the weakest as I havent followed him too much, the Floyd stuff I did and my son is a nut over it and his friend and him claimed it was perfect note for note. So I guess if fans get a chance, Id go.

The answer to what was offensive, Im trying to remember the song, but he does this video behind him the whole time, kind of a take off on Neil Youngs Greendale tour if anyone seen that, esentially a play/movie acting out the songs.

But imagine cartoon balloons with the words to the song, including the back up singers with their own balloon, could be good, even clever, but open your mouth, here comes the tired old blah blah everyone hears on the news constantly. Nothing new, no perspectives.

Then pics floating by of Bush Stalin, dont remember Hitler, gengas kauhn I think, couple others of the old days.and some of Tony Blair too. It does go by and by the end of the concert youve tried to put most of it out of your mind.

Im trying to remember exactly what the religious part was, but it slammed full on Christians, dont remember if it was necessarily Catholics, you will be all glad to know, I dont notice differences in that kind of thing, unless they are pointed out to me. But I remember feeling very put out at the references and felt the hate. I remember thinking you poor man.

Then there was the pig which had impeach Bush and various other stuff on it, which I dont know, I didnt like the pig it reminded me with its red eyes of Ammityville horror :eek:

And there was leaving for beruit, about when he was met by a poor family and they were so nice and we are so awful because we are not nice. Anyway thats what I remember for now. I guess hes entitled to his opiion. Second half was much better, plays Dark side and most of the Wall.

One thing musically is he definetely doesnt acknowledge the audience too much, except on applause, no talking, just nose down and playing. No real connection to the audience.

Pink Floyd is my favorite band. But like others, I did not really follow Waters after he left in the 80s. I have a couple of his CDs that a friend gave me for Christmas one year but I never listened to them. However, in Water’s defense, he is not American and he is entitled to his opinion just like everyone else. I am sure he has valid points about the direction this country is heading. About the anti-Christian lyrics/remarks, this does not surprise me at all about him. Perhaps he had negative experiences with organized religion as a youngster, similar to when he was in grade school (as described in "Another Brick in the Wall, Part II).

I attended a Roger Waters show in like 2006 ish and on the Dark Side of the Moon - song Eclipse, while he sang, “and all that you distrust” the picture on the screen was of Jesus on the cross…

I know this is old, but please post what exactly was said that was anti-american and anti-Christian. Otherwise, this thread should be closed as it amounts to nothing but heresay and gossip.

According to the LA Weekly’s coverage of his show, it was allegedly anti-semitic, not anti-Christian. Here’s the source:

Regarding anti-Christian comment, that still hasn’t been substantiated and I agree it’s hearsay and gossip if OP can’t substantiate it: how many other people need to ask what was anti-Christian before the thread’s closed?

Well they don’t need no education becauase they don’t care about speaking gramatically correct. Besides, double negatives are perfectly fine in other languages.

I’m going to file this one in the “OP is full of it” category. Kinda funny though, that ANTI-AMERICAN came before ANTI-CHRISTIAN, but that’s a topic for another day.

I went this past October in Buffalo and I did not have a feeling to ‘beware’. There were many pictures of war…WW2, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Maybe people feel it is anti-american because some think that the last two wars were totally unnecessary. I felt a deep respect of the pcitures of people who have died in war! It was a fitting tribute. The pictures just noted the ravages of war, etc on especially children. Who can deny that?

As far as anti-christian, well, nothing comers to mind.

Actually this concert had some depth to it. It wasn’t about the band but about the story of the songs. If he feels that there should not have been a war in Iraq and Afghasnistan, I am in that camp…as it produced NOTHING! Just death and more death…of our soldiers, of people, of children…

It would have been perfect if they had abortion pictures to show that war on our most innocent…

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