Roku Catholics

I purchased a Roku to be able to watch EWTN.

Yesterday I was scrolling through the channel store and found two more great channels!

“Catholic TV” and one by the Newman Centers.

If you have broadband internet, a Roku is better than sliced bread!

What is a Roku?:confused:

The greatest gadget ever made

The announcement that CatholicTV was making its broadcasts available via Roku was just made today.

It looks as if you bought your Roku at the right time. :slight_smile:

BTW, I had never heard of Roku either. Apparently it is a device for streaming television and movies over the internet, and having the results appear on your television set. You don’t even need to have a computer.

But I believe you do need broadband.

Oh, I think so. Back when I had dial-up, it was hard to stream audio without repeated delays for buffering. I can’t imagine streaming video on a dial-up connection. :o

But I get your point. If someone is going to pay for broadband and watch TV via Roku, as opposed to paying for a cable or satellite TV service, that person might as well have a computer, too.

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