Role of the saints


God has forbidden me from praying to the saints because I don't have the devotion that is required. God also doesn't want me reading the church fathers. God takes away pain and suffering from people. guardian angels keep people away from accidents.

What is the role of the saints in peoples lives?

Is it true that the saints know what Iam doing this very moment?

God has told me that praying to the saints is bibical and is true that people do pray to them but that God has forbidden me to do so.


How do you KNOW it is God telling you this, and not the other guy? Why would God tell you something is bibical, but not let you do it? I don't get it. :confused:


Hi, just a question, how do you know that God has “forbidden” you from praying to Saints? Don’t trust everything you feel… it’s hard to tell what is really from God in many cases.

I started praying to the Saints (rather: asking them to pray for me) before I had the proper devotion and before I was even Catholic. Their prayers have helped me A LOT, It says in the Bible that we’re surrounded by a “cloud of witnesses”… they can hear us, we’re all united by the Holy Spirit as the Church… and being filled with God’s love, they love us and pray for us to Him. We can talk to them as to our friends… they are not “dead”, they’re in Heaven and still care about people living on earth who are hoping to get to Heaven also.

God bless


It’s very unlikely that any of this is true.
– There’s no specific amount of devotion required to pray to the saints.
– Anyone can read the Church Fathers.
–There is obviously pain and suffering in the world.
– People obviously have accidents.

It sounds like either you’re deceiving yourself, or you’re being deceived.


Jesus taught us to pray the Lord’s Prayer with words, but also teach us to pray even while he prayed. With this approach, he tells us, besides the content of the prayer, and attitudes necessary for true prayer: pure soul searching for the kingdom of God and who are willing to forgive his enemies; trust powerful, full of filial affection, beyond what we can experience and understand; awareness helps the disciple to avoid temptation.


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