Roll models


Are we aloud to have earthly roll models? Or “heroes”? I know that Jesus is our ultimate roll model.


I don’t think it’s wrong to have a role model if that person deserves to be modeled after: good values, kind, honorable, respectful, God-fearing, etc. This isn’t idolatry either. Parents are role models, or at least should be. Everyone needs to look up to someone at some point in their lives IMHO. :slight_smile:


Do you mean role model?


Excuse me, are you the grammar police? We all try to be charitable here of the spelling and typos of others. You might not know their circumstances.

Super Sport, indeed we are, as long as we don’t put them in the place of God.


Hey Out…

I almost didn’t see your post and was about to write the same thing! Who cares if there’s a little error here and there. I make errors, BIG ONES, all the time!:slight_smile:


Hey back. I’ve done some posts in the early AM without benefit of coffee, and some late at night- They are not pretty. :sleep: :coffeeread:


Yes, if anything there are all the saints. Also many children will role model their parents. The one bad thing is if you take a role model who is sinning, and mimic the sin.


Hopefully those of you who homeschool don’t take that same approach (“who cares if there’s a little error here and there”) with your children.


Are you training for a spot at the Spelling Police Academy? Or do you need a hobby. I could suggest whittling or basket weaving, for instance. :thumbsup:


Yeah, public school is so much better where no child is left behind.


Hey, quit picking on proper spelling, for goodness sakes!!! When you spell correctly, you are taken more seriously. Sorry, but it’s true.


We can start a new thread if it pleases someone, otherwise let’s get back on topic.


Yes, but when it distracts from the topic, I don’t see the value in pointing out spelling mistakes. This is a forum for sharing ideas and our Catholic identity. The pedantry has taken away from the discussion, which was supposed to be about role models.


Well I am SO sorry that I miss spelled that. I was in a hurry because I am having problems in my life. And when I got on and saw it I couldn’t edit it because there was replies. I guess I will think twice about posting or not because heaven forbid I miss spell something.


Don’t sweat your spelling. Everyone makes mistakes.

I like to use the saints as role models and find patron saints of activities to show my kids who they can try to be like to be as pure as possible for Jesus.


Let me tell you something Super Sport-

There are TONS of reasons for misspelling English and using improper grammar. English is a difficult language for native speakers to use properly. Further, English is a living language, and as such, in fora, utilizes colloquialisms from every country where English is used.

Further, the poster who was so uncharitable to you, while seeing the splinter in your eye, did not see the beam in his or her own. It is his or her insecurity doing this. Seriously. That’s all he or she has to offer. There’s no thought on the topic, which is role models for Catholics. There’s only a short snipe. It’s his or her first four posts, after having his or her account for over 2 years, to off-topically complain about spelling and grammar, to derail the thread. What does that about this person?

I have a degree in English. I do not run from thread to thread with “blue penciling” every mistake, correcting grammar, placing punctuation marks where necessary.

I have a sister, accomplished in her own right. Yet, for years, she has corrected the spelling and grammar of others, including mine. It doesn’t make her better than I. It just makes her rude and rather doctrinaire.

My suggestion: There is a Buddy/Ignore feature. After reporting this person to the mods, I would use that Buddy/Ignore Feature.

On topic: There are many good role models out there for people of all ages, alive and kicking, not among the saints (of course, the saints are top-drawer role models).


So to answer the OP’s question… Yes, my grandma was my role model. She raised 12 kids and was such an inspiration to me. Up until she died at almost 104 yo, she was really alert and full of life.

Role models are people we look up to and admire for some quality about them… there is nothing wrong with an earthly role model at all.

And… about the spelling comments… just ignore them…


My role models are good spellers! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.:smiley:

But seriously, OP, the person who corrected your spelling was insulting and that was unkind. I still think it helps your case to spell correctly, though. You are perceived in a better light. And yes, we all make mistakes spelling. So you are among friends.

As to your question about role models, I believe the Lord puts many people in our lives to show us how to live.


Let’s see, my grandfather was one of my role models, despite his alcoholism. He held a job as a butcher almost until the day he died, even after retiring, even after contracting cancer. He lived with my grandmother, who was not a stay-at-home mom of her era, had some very bad habits, and also drank. He had great patience, and was always kind. He used to say, “Be careful who you step on as you go up the ladder of life. You don’t want people stepping on you as you go down.” He wasn’t very demonstrative when it came to hugs and kisses after we were out of the toddler stage, but after my grandmother died, be brought us doughnuts every monring when he came to see us.

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