Roller Coaster Tycoon

Who else here has played this game? I bought it in 2007 and it became the only game I wanted to play, even though at that time I was terrible at it; It took me a few years to beat most of the levels, and I still have never beat every one!
I believe the first game is the best game. The second game felt like its only purpose was to fix some of the annoyances of the first(such as the limited ability to decorate, no level editor, et cetera) and was not very impressive. If the first and second games had been one game, it would be much better.
The third game really messed up the concept of the first games, and has a very annoying gui and terribly easy levels.
Here’s a screenshot of what I did on Haunted Harbor(this picture is very old, and my skills for this game are much better now.)

I played similar games such as Sim Theme Park and Sim Roller Coaster which had come in an “entertainment pack”. I never got particularly good at them. I also played the Civilization series, but could never beat the AI for long, sometimes I played against friends in a variation called “Freeciv”.

The ones I really loved to play were the ones like Caesar III and Cleopatra, in which you were tasked to build Roman or Egyptian cities from the ground up, completing campaigns with individual missions. The citizens would wander on the roads you built, bringing certain effects to the buildings they passed. Things such as housing would upgrade themselves and you would be rewarded with seeing animations of the town working as things progressed. There were limited features such as battle in some scenarios where you could raise troops and defend the city. I really enjoyed the depictions of ancient life and the pace at which the game developed.

My brother got Roller Coaster Tycoon for Christmas one year and I played it pretty much nonstop until I had to go back to school!. It’s one of those games that will keep you up until 1AM! I haven’t played it for years though.

used to play it…i would try to bulldoze stuff (trees for one) just to see where the little people threw up so I could send a janitor person there to clean it up. Haven’t played it in years…not sure if I could even get it to be compatible with my current Windows 7 PC (well, the one that I do have…I don’t think my original is in a place where I could get to it)

I’d love to see an update for this. I played all of them, although RT3 was such a CPU/memory hog that it didn’t take much to get bogged down on what were then top of the line PCs. I can’t remember when I played it last, although I should try loading it on my Win7 PC to see how it does. I always liked trying to make the most extreme coasters I could that the peeps would still ride. Although they fixed it in RT3, in RT2 if you made a heartline coaster with just a tiny hill at the start and nothing but inversions the entire length of your park and another small hill to send the coaster back to the beginning, you ended up with some ridiculously high excitement score and very low nausea rating. It was great because you couldn’t build a queue long enough to hold the peeps.

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If you like classic PC games, I highly recommend the site.
I just searched on the site and they have RC Tycoon 1 2 and 3 available.

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