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Hi Everyone,
Y’all have been such a great help to me in the past with helping me to research things that I thought I would ask y’all again about something…

I received a catalogue from a company called “Roman Catholic Books.” Their website is:

Does anyone know anything about them? Their president is Roger A. McCaffery. Sometimes companies will list a “mission statement” or their “beliefs” but I found neither on the site.

I’m getting the impression they are sedevacanists? Or at least close to that? It seems they mostly publish “classic” Catholic books from the previous century (pre-1960). They also seem to be VERY pro-Tridentine/VERY Traditional and not so embracing of Vatican II and the “changes” to the Mass. Please, don’t misunderstand, I love traditional, my own pastor and church secretary call me a conservative and I grew up pre and post-VII but there are those Traditionalists that “cross the line” so to speak.

Although, they do have some very good books that I would like to have both personally and for resource material for my CCD teachers, I want to be as sure as I can that I’m not supporting some schismatic group that wants to vacate Vatican II and install “the right pope.” Ya know what I’m saying?

So, anyone ever have any dealings with this company?

Thanks for whatever you have!


They advertise in the traditionalist press a good deal. I have some of their books, which are reprints - of a book on St.Thomas Aquinas, & two volumes of some sermons of Cardinal Newman.

I don’t think they are sedevacantist - I think they do nothing more suspect than make available books which they think are still worth reading (& reprinting), & are often hard to find. If they were sedevacantist, they would hardly bother to make the recent Motu Proprio (which is a Papal letter, by the present Pope) available. :slight_smile:

True - good point about the Papal letter. I didn’t know that; this is the first time I’ve received their catalogue.
I just get so much in the mail from organizations that say they are Catholic and I just get a little leary - or punch drunk - sometimes as to who’s who.

Thanks for the input!

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