Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester rescinds invitation to critic of Islam

WORCESTER (ap) — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester has rescinded an invitation to a speaker at a men’s conference after Muslims objected to what they call the speaker’s anti-Islamic views.

The diocese on Wednesday withdrew an invitation for Robert Spencer to speak at the March conference. Spencer, a Catholic, runs blogs and has written books that some consider anti-Muslim.

A spokesman for the diocese says Spencer’s appearance at the conference “is being seen as harmful to Catholic-Islamic relations.”

A spokesman for the Islamic Council of New England called Spencer a “hatemonger” and lauded the diocese’s decision.

Spencer in emails to The Boston Globe ( ) said there is “nothing hateful or bigoted” about his views, and called the diocese’s decision to pull his invitation “evidence of the cowardice of Roman Catholic officials.”

Did not see this posted and thought some might find it of interest.

I always enjoy reading Spencers books and website. Wasn’t aware of this news article, I will have to check into this more closely, I’ve heard Spencer speak.

With something as in the Daily Mail article, it would be hard for the Catholic Church to invite this man to speak, right or wrong.

Thank you for your post, I have a positive impression of him. Some people have to tell the truth or at least, have the courage to tell their point of view.

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