Roman Catholic funerals & Muslims

I went to my friends grandmothers funeral which was held in a Catholic Church today, her grand daughter who turns up late & who has converted to Islam stayed at the back of the church for 5 min then walked out for the rest of the funeral, I saw her after this & asked her if she is going to the wake, she said no cause they served alcohol, I further question but all I got was ‘its about my religion’ like a trained monkey, has anyone else encountered this?

All I can advise is to add in a bit of charity. Calling her actions akin to a “trained monkey” is not understanding her beliefs. You don’t have to agree with them, but it would be like a Catholic taking communion in a protestant service; a no-no. She was following the beliefs and tenets of her own religion. If a Catholic doesn’t participate in the communion service at a protestant church it doesn’t make them a “trained monkey.”

For Muslims the prohibitions are very serious, and she was trying to be inline with her beliefs. Now, if you wish to talk with her, you could offer to answer any questions she has, and also share your perspective. And, of course, pray for her.

Close childhood friend passed away, and his sisters (two) who follow the JW now, provided a spectacle at the Church and the Funeral, and twice, as his father passed away about two years earlier with the same results.

There’s little respect for anything out here today, fact is I feel sorry for them and my prayers are with them. I forgive them, and as quick as humanly possible, I refuse to be held hostage by another’s hate. (whoever the them is)

No access to my soul.

It didn’t sound like the actions were being likened to a trained monkey but the canned response possibly!? :confused:

It is possible the grand daughter was just unsure of how to respond and explain herself and her faith especially in an emotional setting such as that. I’m no apologist so I may have a hard time even in a calm charitable setting explaining why we (Catholics) do what we do and believe what we believe.

If I may make a suggestion …possibly reach out to her and ask her to have coffee or something and just talk with her in a neutral setting. She may be more inclined to discuss things with you. Maybe she’s really looking for someone to do that for her. :shrug: What’s the worse thing that could happen …she says no and knows that at least someone cared to talk with her.

I think these are all good points!

It is just a matter of respect. I have been to many non-Catholic funerals and have seen many non catholic friends and relatives at Catholic funerals as well. You are there to support the family and pay respects to the deceased, no more no less. There is no need for active participation. At the same time no one has the right to “act up” (like the example with the JW sisters illustrates) at such a time. My advice to anyone, if you are going to a funeral in a religious setting that is not your own, show up, sit down and b there for the family.

To OP and to everyone here

I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself,
But just a quick back story of myself, I am a former Catholic who accepted Islam when I was 13 years old.

Now - to answer your question.

Muslims are not allowed to go to a kafir’s funeral (a disbeliever’s funeral).
Attendance of funeral is a right upon a Muslim to another, and we are not allowed to show that amount of respect towards the disbelievers as they have and are continuing to disobey God. (This is where people will start the “My religion is right and yours is wrong” I’m happy to get in to that on a different topic.)

For you to call that person a “trained monkey” just because of your lack of understanding is just outrageous.

As you said she was a revert (we believe that everyone is born a Muslim so when one comes back to Islam he or she is called a revert) did you ever think that she just didn’t know how to explain it without hurting your feelings? Yet here you are calling her a “trained monkey” …

“WAIT WAIT WAIT A MINUTE!! Did you say that Muslims shouldn’t show that amount of respect towards the disbelievers?!”

Yes I did, showing respect and treating someone justly are 2 different things.
Again that’s a different topic.

I hope I have answered your question and then some.

For any mistake I have said is of my fault and anything correct is from the King of kings, Master of masters, Leader of leaders, your creator and my creator, ALLAH subhana wa ta’ala …

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