Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP)?


I stumbled upon this site
is this site genuine? Are there really woman priests, bishops and decons appointed by our Pope?


No. :nope:



are you sure? i myself found it hard to believe, but then why has our Church not take legal action to stop this organisation?


Well, the Church can’t send out police agents, however the Church can make a declaration as to excommunication for these women. Now, whether the women pay attention to such declarations is another thing entirely.


These are people with an agenda and without a clue. Here’s what they say about ordaining women (my emphasis):

The group “RC Womenpriests” receives its authority from Roman Catholic bishops who stand in full Apostolic Succession. These bishops bestowed sacramentally valid ordinations on the women listed above. All the documents pertaining to these ordinations have been attested and notarized. All minutes of the ordinations, including data about persons, Apostolic Succession, and rituals, together with films and photos are deposited with a Notary Public.

So you see, if your documents are notarized then God’s sacraments must be valid. :smiley:

Some of these people have been excommunicated. Here’s hoping that more will be.


If this is not “legal action” I don’t know what you would call it…

On the delict of attempted sacred ordination of a woman

It says in part


"Without prejudice to the prescript of can. 1378 of the Code of Canon Law

, both the one who attempts to confer a sacred order on a woman, and the woman who attempts to receive a sacred order, incur an excommunication latae sententiae reserved to the Apostolic See."I think that is pretty clear and concise!



I’m all for equality between women and men, but having a woman priest in my church would not feel welcome. Although i am young i have grown into the tradition of having male priests. Plus there was no female apostles when Jesus said, ‘Go ye into all the world and preach my Gospel’


I had heard of this sort of disgraceful and heretical behaviour before, but I had never seen one of their websites. How can they call themselves “an international initiative within the Roman Catholic Church” and yet be so fundamentally opposed to, or ignorant of, the Church’s teaching on this matter, which as others have shown is very clear. I wonder has anyone here ever contacted this organisation to let them know their feelings on this blatant disregard for the Catholic Church which they claim to be members of… and if so, what sort of response (if any) did you get? - Or would you simply think such actions are a waste of time?


:smiley: :smiley:

Waste of time. They’ll probably give you a boatload or c*** “validating” their position and mission.

Best to just ignore them, methinks. You’ll not see any of them in an RC Church saying mass.


It’s a no-no. :tsktsk:

Here’s an article with what the Vatican has said about women priests. The article is from last month.

May the peace of the Lord be with you,
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  • Yes, I expect you’re right… However, after I posted, I saw the section for prayer requests - how about we send our prayers that all people across the world who claim to be Catholic will submit in faith to the judgement and guidance of the Supreme Pontiff, Benedict XVI !!


They call themselves “Catholic” but they are not. Any person who participates in the attempted ordination of a woman as a deacon or priest is automatically excommunicated.

The Church does not use civil courts to address issues like this. Instead, these people are simply excommunicated.

Catholic *doctrine, *not tradition, states that women cannot be priests. Pope John Paul II stated that the Church did not have the authority to change this doctrine.


Allana, I happen to know one woman who “tried” to be ordained. It is a shame that it has happened and I pray constantly for her. The ordained clergy is not a “job”. If it was just a job then equality would be an issue. It is a sacrament and the sacrament is tied to the Passover which Christ changed the form of at the Last Supper. The whole issue was put to a test by Pope John Paul II when he submitted the issue to the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith. They issue a response that it has fallen under the ordinary Magisterium and JPII issue Ordinatio Sacradotalis to define their findings.





I am not sure but doesn’t the Church own all the building and churches? therefore when they excommunicate someone they could ban them fromt he building as well since it is owned by the church and not an individual. Make them find their own place to preach if they want to and not use the Churches that belong to the church.



They don’t use Catholic churches. They rent or borrow buildings from Unitarians, Episcopalians, UCCs, even reform Jewish Temples, anyone who’s sympathetic to their “cause”. I agree w/ a previous poster. The Vatican has spoken, they’re excommunicated, it’s best to just ignore them.

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