Roman Catholic Womenpriest's

A women in my town was just ordained a Roman Catholic Womenpriest. Help, Help Help !!! please pray that she will see her errors… How do we aproach this? what do we say? will they listen if they think they are right? Now I see how dangerous that group "call to action " is.


 Whether or not we sympathize with the rabid feminists who are demanding the ordination of women, it's time that the Church changed its policy. I know a number of women who have dropped out of the Church because they feel that they face discrimination. Major Protestant denominations have thousands of women pastors and it seems to be working. There are even scholars who believe there is evidence that women priests existed in the early church???

 True, it will take considerable adjustment. But the Church has had thousands of nuns over the years. Why not priests? The idea that priests must be the same gender as Jesus strikes me as shallow and I am confident that Jesus would argue with it,

I pray with the OP that these women see the error of their ways.

Me too.:signofcross:
…and OP, thats all you can do is pray for them, if you encounter them, tell them so. Other than that, I sure would NOT go to any so called “Mass” that they are a part of. Fr. John Corapi once said that if you encounter a woman saying a Mass that you walk into, run away!!!
Any discussion on why or why not they can be Priest is a closed discussion according to all the recent previous Pope’s.

Amen. As a Catholic woman myself, my loyalty is to the Pope. We have Mary as an example of humility and obedience. She is the best female role model for all Catholic women to follow.

~~ the phoenix

"There are two possible bases for a church: It can be people reaching out to find God, or it can be people responding to God’s reaching out to them. You seem to prefer the first. The Catholic Church is follows the second.

Women-priests in the Catholic Church is an oxymoron, and this is from a female Altar Server. :wink: There’s no discrimination going on here, and any female that leaves the Church on account of that is seriously mistaken.

Amazing, I thought that the SF Bay Area (where I live) would be spearheading these kinds of wacky shenanigans.

Sorry, but there is no such thing.



Spoken like a true non-Catholic.

As far as I can see, the only thing that seems to be working is the amount of Scripture study that many protestants have. The more they study, the more likely they are to become Catholic.

Your ridiculous assertion, without proof of course, about womenpriests in the early church is also noted.

Next you will suggest that some of the chosen Apostles were probably women, or Jesus actually called women first. :confused:


Whether you agree with an all-male priesthood or not, the matter is closed. In 1994, the restriction of ordination to men was infallibly defined by Pope John Paul II in the document Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. Because of this ruling, not even a church council or a future pope can overturn the decision.

However, there is some wiggle room for deaconesses, and the ordination of married men is only a discipline, and so that practice could be expanded at any time.

While we’re at it, why not say?:


To be clear, Holy Orders of any degree can never be extended to women. “Female deacons” existed in the early church, but were never ordained - it’s impossible due to a defect of matter. They were necessary to assist in the naked full-immersion baptisms of women (for obvious reasons), but only received a title - never the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

There is absolutely no reason to have female deacons in the present day. It would be nothing but an appeasement to the feminist agenda.

My question is who did the ordaining and has Rome been informed. My guess it is a group using the Catholic name who is less Catholic than the baptist church across the street from me.

Show me the denominations that have woman ministers that have held fast to basic Christian theology. I will show you those that have not.

Nobody was ordained. :stuck_out_tongue: They were just “playing sacrament”.

Rome recently declared that all Catholic women attempting to be ordained incur automatic excommunication, as do the people ordaining them (assuming that they are somehow still Catholics in good standing).

I thought so. So lets all get dressed up and send ourselves to hell. No thanks. If I am going to put my soul in jeopardy, it will be more fun than watching a chick get “ordained”

Yes, this IS a very important clarification!

There is absolutely no reason to have female deacons in the present day. It would be nothing but an appeasement to the feminist agenda.

I should also clarify that Ordinatio Sacerdotalis specifically leaves OPEN the possibility of unordained deaconesses…

I just looked at the website for these folks. It is a wonderful assortment of problems.

Healing touch (not the spiritual kind)


Open homosexuality

And my personal favorite: they reject the excommunication! As if…

They have some “catacomb ordenations” mentioned where the name is not listed. They do not say what bishop put his soul in jeopardy by starting this garbage.

I heard all people involved were excommunicated.

Women can lead Bible studies in the Catholic Church too.

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